Near-Death Experience Articles on Pulse

Near-Death Experience Articles on Pulse

Mar 26



Near-Death Experience Articles on Pulse

• An Interview With Raymond Moody
• Morgan Freeman: ‘The Story of God’
• Andrew Cohen & The Dark Side of Enlightenment
• Dr. Bruce Greyson on Researching Near-Death Experiences at the University of Virginia
TNT Drama Series Examines Life After Death
• Authors Seek Combat Near-Death Experience Stories
• Near-Death Experiencer Roisin Fitzpatrick
• The Near-Death Experience of Six-Year-Old Ari Hallmark (Updated)
• Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science
• All About The Alex Malarkey – ‘The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven’ – Controversy
• NDEr Howard Storm on Returning to Earth, Making Mistakes & Forgiveness
• NDEr Ellyn Dye: ‘Creating Your Own Reality’
Facebook Q&A With NDEr Anita Moorjani
• Near-Death Experiencer Anita Moorjani: Why I Don’t Support ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’
• Excerpts: ‘The Map of Heaven’ by NDEr Dr. Eben Alexander
Amy Call’s Near-Death Experience (Updated)
• U.K. University Looking for Out-of-Body Experiencers
• Hawaiian NDE from 1907
• Largest Medical Study Ever: Awareness Continues After Brain Shuts Down
• New Book: ‘Through Heaven’s Gate and Back’
• New Book: ‘The Map of Heaven’
• IANDS 2014 Conference: Near-Death Experiencers Shouldn’t Be Treated As Crazy
• New Book: ‘Glimpsing Heaven: The Stories and Science of Life After Death’
• Cancer Is Curable! (Resources for Healing Cancer and Staying Healthy)
• How Common Are Near-Death Experiences?
• Induced After-Death Communication (IADC)
• ‘Death Is Not Final’ Debate: Moody & Alexander Vs. Novella & Carroll
• New Book: ‘Answers About the Afterlife’
• NDE Researcher Dr. Melvin Morse Sentenced To Three Years For Waterboarding Daughter (Updated)
• Akiane Kramarik
• NHNE’s NDE ‘Formula’ Newsletter Premiers Monday
• Version 3.0 of ‘The Formula’ Now Available
The Shared Crossing Project
• NDEs & Hell
• New Book: ‘The Boy Who Died and Came Back: Adventures of a Dream Archaeologist in the Multiverse’
• The Essence of Near-Death Experiences (In 8.5 Minutes)
• When Loved Ones & Friends Pass From This World To The Next
• NDE Researcher Dr. Melvin Morse Accused Of Waterboarding Daughter (Updated)
• New Book: ‘The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences’
• National Geographic: ‘Life After Life’
• New Book: ‘Stop Worrying! There Probably Is An Afterlife’
• Movie: ‘Heaven Is For Real’ (Updated)
• The End-of-Life Epiphany of Roger Ebert
• Free eBooks from NDEr Barbara Harris Whitfield
• Documentary: ‘The Redemption of Howard Storm’
• The Science Of Resurrecting Dead Bodies
• Panel Discussion: ‘Experiencing Death: An Insider’s Perspective’
• Quote: Angels Among Us
• Notes From Sedona’s 12/17/13 NDE Class
• Christophor Coppes: The Essence of Religions and NDEs
• NDErs Anita Moorjani & Dr. Mary Neal on CNN This Sunday
• Movie: ‘Heaven Is For Real’ (Colton Burpo’s NDE)
• New Book: ‘My Death: A Personal Guide Book’ by Jeremy Kagan
• IANDS Presents: NDE Radio with Lee Witting
• Near-Death Experience Inspires Man To Help Save The Planet By Planting Trees (Updated)
• Dr. Rajiv Sinha: Sharing My NDE – A Physician’s Perspective
• NDE Researcher Dr. Kenneth Ring: Four NDErs Share Their Stories
• NDE Documentary: ‘Commonalities of the Experience’
• Esquire Challenges Dr. Eben Alexander’s Credibility & Story (Updated)
• Movie: ‘Astral City: A Spiritual Journey’
• A Teachable Moment: Esquire Versus Dr. Eben Alexander
• Near-Death Experiences & The Dark Side
• Nancy Evans Bush on the Controversy Surrounding Dr. Eben Alexander
• Esquire Challenges Dr. Eben Alexander’s Credibility & Story
• Plan To Clone ‘Super-Trees’ Could Resurrect UK’s Ancient Forests
• Fox & Friends: To Heaven & Back
• Important: ACISTE Directory Now Available
• Important: ‘Surviving Death, A Documentary’
• New NDE Book: ‘I Knew Their Hearts’ by Jeff Olsen
• Near-Death Experiences: Heavenly Stories Are Popular, Except In Church
• Notes from Sedona’s 06/04/13 NDE Class
• 05/07/13 NDE Class Notes (Includes The History of “The Formula”)
• The Immortality Project Announces Research Grants
• NDE Researcher Dr. Melvin Morse Arrested, Accused Of Waterboarding Daughter (Updated)
• New NDE Series: ‘What It’s Like To Die’
• Quote: Nassim Haramein
• New Book: ‘The Essence of Religions’
• New Book: ‘AFGEs: A Guide for Self-Awareness and Change’
• Memory Study: Near-Death Experiences More Vivid Than Real Life
• Universal Studios To Make Movie About NDEr Eben Alexander
• ‘The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth’ by David Sunfellow
• New Book: ‘Erasing Death’
• Anita Moorjani Comes To Sedona!
• Dr. Bruce Greyson: Science & Postmortem Survival
• NDE: U.S. Senator Mark Kirk Describes Encounter With Three Angels
• NDE Researcher Kenneth Ring: The Golden Rule Dramatically Illustrated (Updated)
• Publishing World Cashes In On Near-Death Experiences
• David Sunfellow: ‘How Near-Death Experiences Are Changing The World’ (Updated)
• Raymond’s Near-Death Experience
• 12/18/12 Sedona NDE Class Notes
11/27/12 Sedona NDE Class Notes
• All About Emanuel Swedenborg
Plato’s Cave: ‘A New Worldview After A Near-Death Experience’
• Dr. Eben Alexander: ‘The Science Of Heaven’
• 11/13/12 Sedona NDE Class Notes
• NHNE NDE Now on YouTube
• Dr. Lani Leary: ‘Preparing for a Meaningful Death’
Quote: David Sunfellow
10/23/12 Sedona NDE Class Notes
New Book: ‘Science and the Afterlife Experience’
Atheists Unhinged Over Dr. Eben Alexander’s NDE
Becki Hawkins Coming To Sedona (Updated)
Newsweek Cover Story: Dr. Eben Alexander’s NDE
Becki Hawkins Coming To Sedona
New Movie: ‘Hellbound?’ (Updated)
Lilou Mace Interviews Raymond Moody
08/28/12 NHNE NDE Class Notes
7-Year-Old Publishes Book About Her Near-Death Experience
Near-Death Experience Inspires Man To Help Save The Planet By Planting Trees
NHNE’s NDE Classes In Sedona
Near-Death Experiences, Signs, Synchronicities, & CMPEs
Amy C’s Near-Death Experience
NDE Researcher Dr. Melvin Morse Arrested, Accused Of Waterboarding Daughter
Quote: Raymond Moody: ‘Scoffers are on the defensive’
$5 Million Grant Awarded by Private Foundation to Study Immortality
Recent Near-Death Experience Stories
• Dr. Raymond Moody on Gaiam TV
NDEs Absolutely, Positively NOT Caused By Malfunctioning Brains
Quick List of Prominent Near-Death Experiencers
Alex Tsakiris Interviews Nancy Bush About Distressing NDEs
Dannion Brinkley With Lisa Harrison
IANDS Seeks Funding For NDE Caregiver Film
Anne Horn Describes Her NDE (We Should Stay In This World)
New Documentary: ‘Death Makes Life Possible’
NDE Researcher Kenneth Ring: The Golden Rule Dramatically Illustrated
The Three Faces Of God
• Key Facts About Near-Death Experiences
Channeled Material Describes Life Review Process Years, Possibly Decades, Before Moody
Centre & Book: Bereavement Rescue Using NDEs
Best Near-Death Experience Overviews
Dr. Jan Holden Summarizes 30 Years Of NDE Research
Must Watch: Dr. Eben Alexander Discusses His Remarkable NDE
Bioethics Forum: Near-Death & The Experience Of Dying
Robert Perry: ‘Loving Personhood Or Liberation From Personhood?’
David Sunfellow: ‘How Near-Death Experiences Are Changing The World’
New Book: ‘Brain Wars’ on NDEs
New NDE Book: ‘Dancing Past The Dark’
New Book: ‘Divine Moments…’
Anita Moorjani & Wayne Dyer On The Aware Show
Distressing Psi Is Really Misinterpreted Insight, Vitality, And Developmental Thrust
Review Of Raymond Moody’s New Book: ‘Paranormal’
Greyson Gives Dalai Lama ‘The Handbook of Near-Death Experiences’
15 Things We Know About Distressing NDEs
P.M.H. Atwater: ‘NDE As A Threshold Experience’
• Why Materialist Science Cannot Explain Near-Death Experiences
Dr. Eben Alexandra Featured On ‘I Survived’
New Book: Raymond Moody: ‘Paranormal: My Life in Pursuit of the Afterlife’
Teri Rose Discusses Her Near-Death Experience
Annie Cap: ‘Beyond Goodbye’
Respected Neurosurgeon Describes Life-Changing NDE
‘NDE Take-Aways’ By David Sunfellow
Retired Colonel Has Dealt With Near-Death Experiences Since Vietnam War
The Near-Death Experience Of Cami Elizabeth Renfrow
Dancing Past The Dark: Distressing Near-Death Experiences
Book: ‘Near-Death Experiences, The Rest of the Story…’
Dr. Raymond Moody On Coast To Coast
2002 BBC Documentary: ‘The Day I Died’
The Life, Near-Deaths & Death Of Ben Breedlove
Medical Doctor Describes His Near-Death Experience
Raymond Moody: ‘On Matters Of Life & Death’
Bob Olson Interviews Anita Moorjani (& Related News)
Ray, Kathy, & Robert Share Their NDEs On ‘I Survived…’
Documentary: Bible-Believing Christians Explore NDEs
The Near-Death Of A Child
Joseph Shore: My NDE & Meeting Jesus
Kathy, Martin, Lisa Share Their NDEs On ‘I Survived…’
Nanci Danison’s Near-Death Experience
Dale, Margaret & Cindy Share Their Near-Death Experiences
New Book: “Making Sense Of Near-Death Experiences: A Handbook for Clinicians”
Rene Jorgensen Speaking In Syracuse, NY About NDEs
Science & The NDE: Chris Carter On Skeptiko
Dr. Susan Blackmore Challenged On NDE’s & Afterlife
Neale Donald Walsch’s Near-Death Experience
Robert Perry’s Blog On Mary Jo Rapini’s NDE
Anita Moorjani Describes Her Fight With Cancer
One Of The Most Remarkable Near-Death Experiences Ever
Ellen Burstyn In ‘Resurrection’ (A Fabulous 1980 NDE Movie)
Near-Death Experiences: 30 Years of Research
Suicidal Woman Describes Life-Changing NDE
Actor Clint Walker Taks About His Near-Death Experience
Raymond Moody On Shared-Death Experiences
Juliet Nightingale: Toward The Light Radio Show
People Talk About Their Near-Death Experiences On TLC
Carl Jung’s Near-Death Experience
Famous Cardiac Surgeon Shares Near-Death Experience Stories
Historical Near-Death Experiences
Dr. Melvin Morse & Three Children NDErs On Oprah
Another Boy ‘Who Came Back From Heaven’
Interview With 11-Year Old Colton Burpo (Heaven Is For Real)
Celebrity Near-Death Experiences
Bill Clinton Describes Near-Death-Like Experience
Scientists Probe The Afterlife
Compelling NDE Story (Includes Encounter With Jesus)
Jesus & Near-Death Experiences
Watch ‘I Survived… Beyond & Back’ Online!
The Human Consciousness Project
Book Summary: “Evidence Of The Afterlife”
1994 Documentary: Into The Light
New Documentary: Life After Death
Book Review: Glimpses of Eternity
NDE Joke: A Face-Lift, Liposuction, Breast Implants And A Tummy Tuck…
Book Review: Science And The Near-Death Experience
Powerful, Life-Changing Near-Death Experience Quotes
Dead Atheist/Agnostic Father Appears To Son
40 Insightful Articles About Near Death Experiences
Documentary: Life After Life with Raymond Moody
Jeffrey Mishlove Interviews Kenneth Ring
Life After Death As Experienced By Children
Dr. Raymond Moody On “Shared Death Experiences”
Howard Storm: The Future of the World
Blind Woman Describes Fascinating Near-Death Experience
NHNE Setting Sail On Bold New Adventure



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• The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth
• The Light & The Life Review (v4.4)
• The Essence of Near-Death Experiences (In 8.5 Minutes)
• Powerful, Life-Changing Near-Death Experience Quotes
• When Loved Ones & Friends Pass From This World To The Next
• NDE Stories
• NHNE’s Collection of NDE Testimonials – Archive One
• NHNE’s Collection of NDE Testimonials – Archive Two
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• Historical & Cross-Cultural Near-Death Experiences
• Celebrity Near-Death Experiences
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