Near-Death Experiences, Signs, Synchronicities, & CMPEs

Near-Death Experiences, Signs, Synchronicities, & CMPEs

Aug 19


What is a CMPE?

“A ‘sign’ or CMPE (Conjunction of Meaningfully Parallel Events) is a coincidental occurrence that not only seems incredibly improbable, but also fits a detailed model. You might think of it as an extreme form of synchronicity or coincidence, a kind of super-synchronicity.” — Robert Perry


By Robert Perry
Sign Posts
August 19, 2012

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After listening to my interview on Skeptiko, my friend Barbara Whitfield wrote me about it. I had referrred to her in the interview as the woman who got almost a third of the CMPEs we recorded in the pilot study. Quite remarkably, out of 16 CMPEs recorded by 17 participants, 5 of those were Barbara’s.

One of the things that came up in the interview was my claim that CMPEs are best explained as coming in some sense from God. Barbara said that whatever is talking to us in CMPEs has the same quality as what spoke to her in her near-death experience — which she identifies as God.

This struck me as significant, simply because Barbara is in the unique position of having had a significant amount of experience on both sides, putting her in a better position to compare the two than anyone else. She has had quite a number of CMPEs. And if we believe her near-death experience, then while out of her body, she had a direct encounter with God (even while being an atheist at the time!). In her account of her NDE, she says that as she left her body:

“I became aware of an Energy that was wrapping itself around me and going through me, permeating me, holding up every molecule of my being.

“Even though I had been an atheist for years, I felt God’s love. This love was holding me. It felt incredible. There are no words in the English language, or maybe in this reality, to explain the kind of love God emanates. God was totally accepting of everything we — God and I — reviewed in my life.”

Even while being taken through a completely engrossing review of every detail of her life, she found herself even more mesmerized with One who was taking her through the review. No matter what interaction she viewed, she said, “being held by God was the bigger interaction.” She claims to have essentially been inside the workings of the divine mind: “I could see through God’s eyes and feel through God’s heart,” and “I could sense God’s divine intelligence and it was astonishing.”

To the extent, then, that we trust Barbara’s account, then she apparently can speak with some authority on the subject of God and God’s intelligence and wisdom. That’s why I find it so interesting that she experiences the wisdom she sees operating in CMPEs as being so like what she experienced in her encounter with God. So I asked her to expand on her remarks and she graciously wrote the following:

“When the CMPE pilot study started, I prayed. I asked to be able to do my part to help prove the existence of an experience of “contact,” because that’s what I truly believe this is. I remember knowing that my ego was not involved in this. My Soul (some would say “Heart”) was wide open to this idea of prayer connecting me. I also remember an almost instantaneous feeling of gratitude coming back. I felt grateful to be part of something this exciting in the parapsychology or paranormal scientific realm.

“I totally agree that the consciousness that is “talking to us” in a CMPE is the same or at least a close relative to Who was speaking to us in our NDEs because the “advice” or guidance I receive in the CMPE has the same quality as my Life Review.

“Sometimes this advice, this meaning that comes from my CMPEs “stings” a bit but I also recognize that it is appropriate — not in the way my ego might have wanted to work something out with a significant other, but in a way that is benevolent in the long run. I really don’t believe my ‘unconscious’ could have created or would want to create this kind of wisdom.

“In my experience, CMPEs are ‘Contact’ from the ‘other side’ reaching us here in this reality — and what else paranormal is like that?

“I have had to sit down with my loved ones and show them print outs of my CMPEs when they are involved. A few times there was resistance from them (and sometimes me too! In one case it took me more than a year to address this.)

“But the stories behind the CMPEs are so compelling that the resistance melts away. And that’s what makes CMPEs exciting! Isn’t it amazing that my Life Review in my near-death experience was all about the dysfunction in me and in my family. And now, these huge signs we call CMPEs are about the same subject and the same guidance. And this positive response you are reading is coming from someone who was overwhelmingly resistant to CMPEs in the beginning.

“After all, I wrote the foreword to Signs and spelled out all my resistance! I remember thinking that Robert Perry’s model of signs, that he calls CMPEs, would make all my synchronicities seem trite. But they don’t. My every day synchronicities are cute. CMPEs are deep — they tell a story that gives us wisdom to bring integrity and freedom into our lives. There must be a continuum to signs and synchronicities with CMPEs on the deep end. And looking back on many of mine, they have greatly improved my relationship with myself, others, and the Mega-Consciousness we call ‘God.’ “

According to Barbara, what she experienced in her life review was God imparting to her a new perspective on her life, showing her how it looked from a divine perspective. Her life review focused on the dysfunction in her and her family and gave her a new way to look at it. It stung, it was not what her ego wanted to hear, but she couldn’t deny the benevolent and compelling quality of the wisdom.

What her CMPEs have done is strikingly similar. They too have imparted a different perspective on her life, focusing on the dysfunction in her and her family. They have, she says, given her essentially “the same guidance” on that subject. And they have, in her eyes, carried that same quality of uncomfortable, uncompromising, yet undeniable wisdom.

One person’s testimony, of course, doesn’t settle the matter. But it does make you wonder, especially when CMPEs themselves tell the same story of where they come from.



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