New Book: ‘AFGEs: A Guide for Self-Awareness and Change’

New Book: ‘AFGEs: A Guide for Self-Awareness and Change’

Apr 06



AFGEs: A Guide for Self-Awareness and Change
By Barbara Harris Whitfield & Sharon Cormier


1935827146“AFGEs offers both wisdom and practicality from two near-death experiencers. But to attribute this wisdom solely to their NDEs would shortchange their incredible journeys since their NDEs –- Barbara’s through the psychology of trauma survivors and Sharon’s through yoga and Buddhist tradition. Combining these two paths, they show us how we can use AFGEs to move out of ignorance and into knowing who we really are. Barbara and Sharon help us through profoundly simple techniques to explore the fears behind our AFGEs and to emerge from these challenges healthy and grateful.”

— Bruce Greyson, MD Director, Division of Perceptual Studies, University of Virginia Health System

“In this down-to-earth guide for dealing with life’s challenges (AFGEs), Barbara Whitfield and Sharon Cormier tell us what it takes to live a life of meaning and joy. The collaboration of the two authors offers two unique perspectives to consider, both equally wise and candid. In surviving near-death experiences both authors learned that there is more to life than they had previously thought. They teach us how living from conditioned responses can limit us and how living from the Soul has no limits. In this book they synthesize all the teachings they have incorporated in their own lives as they deal with their own AFGEs. This highly enjoyable book is for anyone who wants to live a conscious and empowered life with peace and joy.”

— Bibliophile


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