New Book: ‘Dream Like A Boss’

New Book: ‘Dream Like A Boss’

Jan 11



Dream Like a Boss 
By Ryan Hurd

Book Description:

Dream Like a Boss (Book One) is an introduction to getting better sleep, having more dreams, and working with the insights that come from dreams and nightmares. In particular, this book shows how to have more vivid dreams, find healing and insight, reduce stress-induced nightmares, tap into creative energy, and problem solve real-life issues. The book also discusses dream herbs, traditional and online dream sharing, and the most promising new dream apps.


Dream Like a Boss is not a one-size-fits-all dream dictionary but rather a toolkit for discovering one’s own personal mythology. If you are new to exploring the world of dreams, and you value critical thinking and science as well as intuition and mystery, the tactics in Dream Like a Boss will help with easily building a dream-rich life for greater creativity, emotional health and insight into your own personal journey.



“Hurd is going to change the way you think about your dreams! He teaches us how nighttime adventures can power-up daytime success.”

— Gillian Holloway, Ph.D, author of The Complete Dream Book

“If you have ever felt even the tiniest twinge of curiosity about what your dreams might mean, this book will open your eyes to new possibilities for dynamic health in your personal life and our culture as a whole.”

— Kelly Bulkeley, PhD., author of Dreaming in the World’s Religions and Children’s Dreams (with Patricia Bulkley)

“If you read only one book about dreams, read Dream Like a Boss! Ryan Hurd deftly blends sleep science and dream wisdom in this smart, comprehensive, and easy to read guide to the dreamworld.”

— Anne Hill, D.Min., author of When Dreams Go Bad




Dream Like A Boss by Ryan Hurd (Book)
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