New Book Series: ‘The Alchemy of Dreams’

New Book Series: ‘The Alchemy of Dreams’

May 13



The Alchemy of Dreams
By Wesley Wyatt

The Alchemy of Dreams, Volume One
The Alchemy of Dreams, Volume Two

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The Alchemy of Dreams, Volume One
Develop a Friendship with Your Dreams

By Wesley Wyatt

Book Description via Amazon:

What if the stories are true? What if dreams represent a largely untapped resource that could transform your life and relationships? After all, everyone dreams, every night. In this, the first of three books in The Alchemy of Dreams Series, author Wesley Wyatt provides a rich and nuanced discourse on the potential of dreams, the language of symbolism and dream interpretation. Utilizing the psychic readings of the Edgar Cayce readings, the author provides practical tools for accessing the inspiration and counsel offered in dreams.


– Increase your recall of dreams

– Discover the causes and meaning of repetitive and disturbing dreams

– Learn how dreams can assist you in expressing your true nature and aptitudes

– Deepen your understanding of the language of the soul:  symbolism

– Learn specific techniques for translating the personalized symbolism in your dreams

– Learn to ‘incubate’ a dream on a specific concern


The Alchemy of Dreams, Volume Two
The Universal Law Governing Dreaming, Consciousness and Relationships
By Wesley Wyatt

Book Description via Amazon:

The Alchemy of Dreams – Volume Two is written for those who desire a deeper understanding of the universal laws governing dreams and consciousness. Throughout the book, concepts presented by the famous psychic Edgar Cayce and the discoveries of Dr. Carl Jung, the distinguished Swiss psychiatrist and dream researcher, are included for their rich and complementary perspectives.

In order to deepen our understanding of dreams and their potential, a more nuanced view of the power of the mind is required. The mind is not only an organ of perception, but of creation as well. By highlighting how we attract and create our experiences, both in dreams and waking life, The Alchemy of Dreams – Volume Two, assists the reader in applying spiritual and psychological concepts for transformation and positive change.



– The universal laws governing consciousness, dreams, and relationships

– How to become a conscious co-creator

– Unmasking projection, repression and polarization through dream work

– The meaning behind masculine and feminine symbolism in dreams

– How dreams can improve and enrich your relationships

– How dreams can assist you in transforming past trauma


Book Reviews:

“Wesley Wyatt is the most skilled person I know at dream work and dream interpretation. His abilities with dreams arise out of a lifetime of working with his dreams and the dreams of others. I know because I’m his brother. We not only learned how to work with our dreams together, but we have spent four decades sharing dreams and honing our skills. Whether you are someone new to dreams and dream work, or a seasoned veteran, everyone can benefit from the treasures my brother has collected over the years. Do yourself a favor. Buy his books. And then buy a few copies to share with those you love. While we are all born with angelic companions, in the form of dreams, only those who actually know how to work with these powerful, magical forces can make the most of their gifts. My brother can show you how to tap the same forces that have guided, protected, healed, and inspired many of humankind’s most celebrated dreamers. The Alchemy of Dreams, in other words, are spiritual dynamite. These books contain pearls of great price that can make everything better, deeper, healthier, happier.”

— David Sunfellow, Founder and President, NewHeavenNewEarth (NHNE)


“Most individuals remain unaware of the fact that Edgar Cayce — in addition to being the most documented psychic of all time — was also an enthusiastic advocate of dreams and a master of the use and interpretation of symbolism. From Cayce’s perspective, not only do dreams contain a wealth of subconscious information and insight just waiting to come to conscious awareness but they can provide intuitive answers to virtually any question imaginable. This volume contains practical approaches that will make the world of dreams (and your personal guidance) readily available to you. With easy-to-understand and straightforward examples, Wyatt takes you on a journey of self-discovery that will provide tools for guidance into every area of your life and your relationships. It is a journey I highly recommend.”

— Kevin J. Todeschi, Executive Director & CEO, Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., and author, The Best Dream Book Ever.



“I was determined to write a different type of dream book. I wanted to detail my dream experiences over the course of a lifetime, including what I had learned about the dreaming process itself. Sharing my dreams, along with the context of what was going on in my mind at the time a dream was recalled, would make the language of symbolism more understandable. It would also reassure the reader that the type of assistance I received from my dreams was in fact accessible to anyone. The Alchemy of Dreams Series represents the distillation of what I have learned about dreams and consciousness throughout my life. The concepts and experiences presented have been gleaned from thousands of my own dreams, recorded in over 80 dream journals, over the past 40 years.”

— Page xxxi

“[Carl] Jung believed that dreams offered each of us a nightly printout of our emotional, mental and spiritual health. He also discovered that dreams offered a road map of the unconscious, of the psychological and spiritual development of individuals.”

— Page 10

“Our dreams provide us with the opportunity to become conscious of what our thoughts, motivations and desires are creating before a physical event manifests.”

— Page 17

“I came to understand that the degree of difficulty I experienced in deciphering the symbolic content of my dreams had more to do with my readiness to see myself honestly than any other factor. Until I was ready to face the underlying content and message, my dreams were forced to couch their imagery in cryptic symbolism.”

— Page 19



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