New Book: ‘Stop Worrying! There Probably Is An Afterlife’

New Book: ‘Stop Worrying! There Probably Is An Afterlife’

Jan 03



Stop Worrying! There Probably Is an Afterlife
By Greg Taylor

Book Description:

stop-worryingDid Steve Jobs have a vision of the afterlife on his death-bed? Does quantum physics suggest that our mind might survive the physical death of our body? How do some near-death experiencers ‘see’ outside of their bodies at a time when they are supposed to be dead? In ‘Stop Worrying! There Probably is an Afterlife’, author Greg Taylor covers all these questions and more. From Victorian seance rooms through to modern scientific laboratories, Taylor surveys the fascinating history of research into the survival of human consciousness, and returns with a stunning conclusion: that maybe we should stop worrying so much about death, because there probably is an afterlife.

• Stop Worrying! There Probably Is an Afterlife (Paperback Book)
• Stop Worrying! There Probably Is an Afterlife (Kindle Edition)
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Alex Tsakiris interviews author Greg Taylor
December 10, 2013

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During the interview, Greg Taylor talks about his research into deathbed visions:

Greg Taylor: That’s what really kicked off my interest in deathbed visions. I read Peter Fenwick’s paper with Hilary Lovelace, Comfort for the Dying: A five-Year Retrospective and One Year Prospective Studies of End of Life Experiences. They surveyed 38 palliative carers, including doctors, nurses, anybody involved in that. Their statistics showed that at least 60% had stories of deathbed visions and the like. It’s more than half of all those carers who report these things.

When I went to Uni McConnell in Ireland and there’s an American study that had like 500 participants and they’re all around that 60% to 70% of palliative carers say that they’ve experienced these things, it’s just a massive amount. It’s very common and yet we hardly hear of it. Near-death experiences get all this media attention and deathbed visions don’t seem to rate the same attention.

Alex Tsakiris: Why do you suppose that is… I think one factor is we like the technology angle of resuscitation, and it fits in with our cultural bias about how medicine is advancing. I think that fits into this story. We’re bringing people back and now they can tell these stories.

Greg Taylor: I’d agree with you there. I think that’s probably tied in to as well with the fact that we’d prefer to hear about people living than people dying. We don’t want to confront the fact that people do die all the time.

Listen to the complete interview: On SkeptikoDownload the program (MP3)



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