New Book: ‘The FBI-CIA-UFO Connection’

New Book: ‘The FBI-CIA-UFO Connection’

Sep 10



The FBI-CIA-UFO Connection: The Hidden UFO Activities of USA Intelligence Agencies
By Dr. Bruce Maccabee

Amazon Description

51mVARa5EZL._SL210_This book goes inside the real X-Files. Not only have the FBI and CIA investigated UFOs, but both agencies have actively tried to conceal that fact from the public. This book proves it. These agencies collected information which, when combined with evidence collected by Air Force Intelligence, proves that at least some UFOs are interplanetary craft. Furthermore, top Air Force officials knew this over sixty years ago and withheld (covered up?) this information from the American people. Written by Dr. Bruce Maccabee, one of the most respected voices in UFO research, this is a riveting page-turner, packed with information. It tells the real story of why America’s leading intelligence agencies have been genuinely concerned about UFOs, and why the “problem of UFOs” is unlikely to go away any time soon.


About The Author

Bruce Maccabee has a Ph.D. in physics and was employed for thirty-six years at the Naval Surface Warfare Center doing research on numerous projects, including generation of underwater sound with lasers, high power beam control systems for use in the Strategic Defense Initiative and defense against chemical/biological attacks. He became seriously interested in the UFO phenomenon in the late 1960s, while working for his Ph. D. at The American University. During the 1970s, he joined the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and helped to found the Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR). He analyzed sighting reports and found reasonable explanations for many sightings, but not all. Over the years, he has investigated and reported on numerous sightings, including the Gemini 11 and Skylab 3 astronauts sightings, the famous McMinnville UFO photos of 1950, the 1978 New Zealand sightings, the 1986 Japan Airlines sighting, the Gulf Breeze sightings from 1987 to 1996, and the Mexican Air Force sighting of 2004. He also studied the history of sightings and the U.S. Air Force response as presented in the files of Projects Sign, Grudge, and Blue Book. He was the first to obtain the secret FBI file on “flying discs,” wherein he found indisputable evidence that the Air Force withheld — some might say covered up — important UFO evidence from the American people. By chance, during the 1980s, his Navy work allowed him to establish a decade-long investigation of the CIA. The story of this investigation is published here for the first time. A more complete biography/resume of Bruce Maccabee is available at, wherein there are reports on numerous case investigations and analyses of historical information.



“Dr. Bruce Maccabee has written an intelligent, concise and lively history of the UFO phenomenon, which includes his own fascinating relationships to CIA staff and others from the official world. Written with tremendous authority and insight by one of the leading scholars and luminaries of the field, The FBI-CIA-UFO Connection is meticulously researched and reflects decades of involvement by the author.

“Everything in this book is documented fact, presented in a straightforward, no-nonsense style which is easy to read. Maccabee tells a riveting story of an unfolding and building UFO reality in conflict with now-transparent government attempts to explain them away and deny their possible interplanetary origin. He dispenses with irrelevant and peripheral material that clog so many other books on the topic, using once secret official documents, investigated sightings and newspaper reports as the basis for a crisp and fast-paced narrative. He knows how to focus on what matters, and reveals a deep knowledge of the implications of key developments within the current historical context.

“The book is anything but dry — it is written as a page-turner, in short, clear chapters punctuated with humor and a conversational style that makes you want to keep reading. I trust Maccabee’s expertise completely, and I learned a great deal from this outstanding book, which concludes with the best assessment I’ve ever read concerning the unending, unanswerable question of a government cover-up. I recommend the book highly to anyone interested in UFOs.”

— Leslie Kean, author, UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On the Record

“Bruce Maccabee’s new book is a sharp rebuke to die-hards and ideologues on both ends of the UFO spectrum. It is a stinging, substantive rebuttal to zealous debunkers who don’t want the UFO subject to be taken seriously because it proves, beyond any reasonable doubt, that officials at the highest levels of our military and intelligence communities regarded the UFO mystery as an issue of paramount importance. The documents which Dr. Maccabbee helped to squeeze out of our government are amazingly candid, precisely because they were never meant to be seen by the public. Skeptics will not be able to dismiss this evidence by invoking swamp gas or weather balloons.

“The book is also a wake up call for those UFO faithful who breathlessly await some sort of ‘Full Disclosure’ by government officials. It’s not going to happen. The best glimpse we will ever get into the murky world of official UFO files is by reading the materials that were plucked out of the murky swamp before the spooks had time to react. This book delivers the goods, and should be read by anyone who is a serious student of the subject.”

— George Knapp, Investigative Reporter and author, Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah

“An astute researcher and analyst, Dr. Bruce Maccabee has produced a must-have compendium for every UFO aficionado. Based on his comprehensive notes and prodigious memory this book details the extensive post World War II history of these complex phenomena. Of note is his firsthand involvement with several of the government agencies that periodically over time have struggled to grasp the significance of this baffling enigma.

“An accomplished optical physicist, his personal research includes analysis and authentication of some of the most important UFO photographs ever taken.”

— John B. Alexander, Ph.D., author, UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities

“Bruce Maccabee has written the single-best volume documenting the strong interest in UFOs by two of America’s leading (and most notorious) intelligence organizations: the FBI and the CIA. His emphasis is especially powerful when examining the decades of the Cold War, and he provides an overwhelming amount of officially released government documents to make the case that UFOs mattered a great deal to America’s intelligence elite. And the reason wasn’t simply because these groups were providing cover for other secret programs. Rather, UFOs themselves constituted an enormous problem, something that no one seemed to know how to discuss openly.

“In addition, Dr. Maccabee gives an excellent insight into the attitudes that other key agencies had toward UFOs, notably the U.S. Air Force. He sheds light on how these various groups interacted with each other in handling this most difficult of problems: both from a public relations perspective, as well as from that of national security. This is a must-read, not only for students of UFOs, but for anyone interested in the history of the U.S. national security establishment.”

— Richard M. Dolan, author, UFOs and the National Security State, A.D., After Disclosure, and UFOs for the 21st Century Mind

“Dr. Bruce Maccabee has been in the forefront of scientific research related to UFOs for decades as will be obvious to all who read this stimulating and informative book. He brings to bear not only the intellectual discipline that accompanied his work for more than 35 years as an optical physicist for a United States Navy Research Lab, but also a willingness to get publicly involved in ufology. That takes courage. . . . There aren’t many good books by scientists about UFOs. This is certainly one of the most informative.”

— Stanton T. Friedman, nuclear physicist, author Top Secret/Majic, Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience



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  1. Joseph Dillard

    I don’t have any problem with the existence of UFO’s; I am more interested in what people do with that knowledge. It seems to me that people generally split into groups based on 1) fear-based paranoia, a group which includes world governments, or 2) messiah-based rescuing fantasies. I do know that if I were an extraterrestrial I would either be so evolved that I wouldn’t get involved in the evolution of humans, or I would make sure that their exploitative characteristics did not contaminate the galaxy. It makes sense to me, however, that the more groups of extraterrestrials that you postulate, the less likely your theory is.

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