NHNE Dreams

NHNE Dreams

Nov 15


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“For these, if paid attention to, brought back in the memory, written and kept and studied, interpreted as actual experiences which are symbolic and yet real in their nature, become guidelines to such an extent that one should be able to understand and rectify all those things in the life which are of an imperfect nature.”

“The greatest book of study is that one of your own, written by the soul upon time and space — that of your dreams.”

— Season of Changes, Ways of Response


“You do not need dictionaries of symbols, nor do you need some esoteric knowledge to unlock your dreams. Dreams are as fundamental as breath to the human experience. The simple commitment to value your dreams and begin to share them will help open the doorway to understanding their meaning.”

— David La Chapelle


“If you take the idea of evolution of the species at all seriously — if you think there is anything at all to the idea that species alter both behavior and physical structure to enhance their ability to survive in particular ecological/environmental circumstances — then there must also be something about dreaming itself that is of primary and fundamental importance from a collective evolutionary survival point of view, because in spite of the multiple, serious, and dangerous drawbacks associated with dreaming, there is not a single relatively evolved species that has found it of increased survival value to abandon this seemingly… dangerous behavior.”

— Jeremy Taylor, from the book, Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill


“In our era, the past is vanishing like smoke. The ancestors and gods and spirits who speak through dreams were once welcomed into the circle of community; were among its essential members. But who now will listen to them? The cultures that honored them are dying, their very languages becoming extinct. The thread of received wisdom that has sustained us is stretched thin to breaking. Shorn of memory, we no longer recognize as part of life’s fabric those who have come before us. The voices of the myriad beings, visible and invisible, who surround us grow faint, though they are still talking in our sleep.

“…Our dreams are a continuum, revealing, if we care to look, that we do not exist alone, but in a skein of relationship with all that has been, all that is, and all that shall be.”

— Marc Ian Barasch, Healing Dreams: Exploring the Dreams that Can Transform Your Life



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