NHNE Winter 2014 Fundraising Video (Final Numbers)

NHNE Winter 2014 Fundraising Video (Final Numbers)

Jan 17



NHNE Winter 2014 Fundraiser

NHNE’s Winter 2014 Fundraiser is now over. Here are the final numbers:

Amount Needed: 12,000.00
Amount Raised: 2,111.00
Money Still Needed: 9,889.00
Number of people who have helped: 33

Thanks for your help!





To learn more about NHNE and the new Mustard Seed Venture – NewHeavenNewEarth Community Center, click here.

To learn more about NHNE, near-death experiences, and the innovative work we’ve been doing online and in Sedona, check out these links:

NHNE NDE Class Handouts & Reference Pages

• Notes & Materials from Sedona’s NDE Class

• How Near-Death Experiences Are Changing The World by David Sunfellow
• The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth by David Sunfellow
• The Formula’s Circling Worksheet (v2.0, pdf)
• The Light & The Life Review (v4.3, pdf)
• NDE Take-Aways by David Sunfellow (v1.1, pdf)
• Evidence of the Afterlife by Dr. Jeffrey Long (pdf)

• Jeff C. Olsen Class Notes (pdf)
• Anita Moorjani Class Notes (pdf)

• Dream Basics by David Sunfellow (pdf)
• Dream Tips & Resources
• The Healthy Relationship Preamble by David Sunfellow (v2.0, pdf)
• The Hopping Stone Vision by David Sunfellow (pdf)

Loving Personhood Or Liberation From Personhood? by Robert Perry
The Three Faces of God by David Sunfellow
The Purpose of Life, Jesus & NDEs by David Sunfellow


NHNE NDE Resources

• NHNE NDE News & Resources
• NHNE NDE on Facebook (for NDE news)
• NHNE NDE on Google+ (for NDE news)
• NHNE NDE on Twitter  (for NDE news)
• NHNE NDE News Archive (for NDE news, websites, books, videos, and more)
• NHNE NDE Social Network (to meet NDErs and discuss NDEs)
• NDE Stories (some of the best, most compelling NDE stories ever recorded)
• Historical NDEs
• Celebrity NDEs
• NHNE NDE on YouTube (more of the best, most compelling NDE stories ever recorded)
• NDEs Absolutely, Positively NOT Caused By Malfunctioning Brains
• NDE Quotes
• NHNE NDE Bookstore


Other Especially Important NDE Resources

• Book Summary: ‘Evidence Of The Afterlife’
• Jeffrey Mishlove Interviews Kenneth Ring
• Dr. Bruce Greyson: Science & Postmortem Survival
• Dr. Jan Holden: 30 Years of NDE Research
• Key Facts About Near-Death Experiences
• Common Challenges Following A Spiritually Transformative Experience


Recommended Websites

• Wikipedia on Near-Death Experiences
• International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS)
• The Journal of Near-Death Studies
IANDS List of Recommended NDE Books
• Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF)
• Eternea
• Horizon Research Foundation
• Near-Death Experiences & The After Life
• Near-Death Experiences & The After Life Bookstore
• University of Virginia Division of Perceptual Studies
• Esalen: Survival of Bodily Death
• The Immortality Project
• Near-Death Experience Experts
• Toward The Light Radio Show
• Skeptiko
• The American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences (ACISTE)
•  International Foundation for Survival Research (IFSR)
• Dancing Past The Dark: Distressing Near-Death Experiences
• Bereavement Rescue Centre
• Raymond Moody Website
• PMH Atwater Website
• Paul Perry Productions

Study Groups, Support Groups, Social Networks

• NHNE’s NDE Resource Center & Social Network
• NHNE’s NDE Facebook Page
• NHNE NDE Twitter Page
• IANDS Support Groups
• IANDS Group Leaders Network (includes list of IANDS local groups)


• Dr. Jan Holden Summarizes 30 Years Of NDE Research
• Summary of Jeffrey Long’s book “Evidence Of The Afterlife”
• Key Facts About Near-Death Experiences (IANDS)
• Characteristics of a Near-Death Experience (IANDS)
• Distressing Near-Death Experiences (IANDS)
• Aftereffects of Near-Death States (IANDS)
• 30 Years of Near-Death Experience Research (IANDS)
• Scientific Evidence for Survival After Death (Near-Death.com)

Video Accounts Of People Describing Their Near-Death Experience

• Lilou Mace NDE Interviews
• AfterLifeTV NDE Interviews
• NHNE NDE Videos on YouTube (includes topic-specific playlists)
• NHNE NDE Videos on NHNE’s NDE Network
• Index of personal NDEs featured on NHNE’s NDE Network
• NHNE’s NDE Stories Website
• NDERF Video Archive
• Virginia Beach IANDS Speakers
• Near-Death Experience Stories
• NDE Accounts
• GoldenLightD
• Near-Death Experiences on YouTube
Christian NDE Accounts

Audio Accounts Of People Describing Their Near-Death Experience

• NDE RADIO with Lee Witting
• Toward The Light Radio Show

Written Accounts Of People Describing Their Near-Death Experience

• Current NDE Experiences on NDERF
• Exceptional NDE Experiences on NDERF
•  Archive of NDE Experiences on NDERF
• IANDS Archive of NDE Accounts
• Near-Death Experience and the Afterlife Archives
• Index of personal NDEs featured on NHNE NDE

Recommended Books

Lessons from the Light:
What We Can Learn from the Near-Death Experience

By Kenneth Ring and Evelyn Elsaesser Valarino

Evidence of the Afterlife:
The Science of Near-Death Experiences

By Jeffrey Long and Paul Perry

Science and the Near-Death Experience:
How Consciousness Survives Death
By Chris Carter

Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near-Death Experience
By Pim van Lommel

Near-Death Experiences, The Rest of the Story:
What They Teach Us About Living and Dying and Our True Purpose

By P.M.H. Atwater

The Handbook of Near-Death Experiences:
Thirty Years of Investigation

By Janice Miner Holden, Bruce Greyson, Debbie James

Paranormal: My Life in Pursuit of the Afterlife
By Raymond Moody, Paul Perry

Mindsight: Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind
By Kenneth Ring

Dancing Past the Dark: Distressing Near-Death Experiences
By Nancy Evans Bush

Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing
By Anita Moorjani

Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife
By Eben Alexander III M.D.

I Knew Their Hearts: The Amazing True Story of a Journey Beyond the Veil to Learn the Silent Language of the Heart
By Jeff Olsen, Lee Nelson

Glimpses of Eternity (Mind Body Spirit)
By Raymond Moody

Life After Life:
The Investigation of a Phenomenon — Survival of Bodily Death
By Raymond Moody and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

My Descent Into Death:
A Second Chance at Life

By Howard Storm

Return from Tomorrow
By Dr. George Ritchie

IANDS List of Recommended NDE Books


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