NHNE’s NDE ‘Formula’ Newsletter Premiers Monday (Updated)

NHNE’s NDE ‘Formula’ Newsletter Premiers Monday (Updated)

Apr 07



April 7, 2014 Update

NHNE’s NDE Formula Newsletter is now available!

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NHNE’s NDE ‘Formula’ Newsletter Premiers Monday

The first issue of NHNE’s NDE Formula Newsletter premiers Monday, April 7th. This cutting-edge newsletter will focus on “The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth” and how we can use the profound truths presented in near-death experiences to transform our personal and collective lives. If you are interested in receiving this free online publication, click here to sign up.

Question from reader: How often will you publish the newsletter?

Answer from David Sunfellow: No more than once a week; probably more like once every two weeks, or thereabouts. I’ve got a lot of fantastic material to share, but it is going to take time to sort through it and organize it. The newsletter definitely WON’T have a regular schedule. The newsletters will come out when I feel the inner juice to do them — and can find the time to put them together. I want them all to be beautiful, inspiring, well written, and carefully organized so no one’s time is wasted. Just the best-of-the-best material. Lightening bolts of information; no filler or meaningless chit chat…





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