Photos & Resources: Christchurch, New Zealand Earthquake

Photos & Resources: Christchurch, New Zealand Earthquake

Feb 25

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Wikipedia on Christchurch, New Zealand 2011 Earthquake
Boston Globe Photos of Christchurch 2011 Earthquake
USGS on February 21st, 6.3 Christchurch Earthquake




  1. Clint Ussher

    To Whom It May Concern:
    We are seeking permission to use a couple of the images you have on your website. Did you take these photo’s? Or, do you know how I might contact the photographer?

    We are developing a small-run article depicting some of the devastation in Christchurch, and these images would be very useful to us. The two that I am most interested in are:


    Of course, we will attribute these appropriately and accurately. Please advise whether or not you are able to grant permissions. Thank you.

    Clint Ussher

  2. I just took up computer 3months ago, and i had assighment to go to cristchurch new zealand, and it’s beautiful, just finding out about the earthquake,sorry to hear the bad news,i told all my freinds about how beautiful it is, we never heard of it before,don’t have money or transpertation to travel but if i did i sure would love to come newzealand,something made me want to come back to newzealand on computer, i’m glad i did, may god be with you, and i’m praying in the blood jesus he helps pick up the peices. may god be with you all

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