Psychiatric Drugs as Agents of Trauma

Psychiatric Drugs as Agents of Trauma

Dec 29


A Journal Article by Charles L. Whitfield, MD

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Drawing on the work of numerous psychiatrists and psychopharmacologists and my own observations, I describe how most common psychiatric drugs are not only toxic but can be chronically traumatic, which I define in some detail throughout this paper. In addition to observing this occurrence among numerous of my patients over the past 20 years, I surveyed 9 mental health clinicians who had taken antidepressant drugs long-term. Of these 9, 7 (77%) experienced bothersome toxic drug effects and 2 (22%) had become clearly worse than they were before they had started the drugs. Based on others’ and my observations I describe the genesis of this worsened condition which I call the Drug Stress Trauma Syndrome.

These drug effects can be and are often so detrimental to the quality of life among a distinct but significant minority of patients that they can no longer be considered trivial or unimportant. Instead, they are so disruptive to many patients’ quality of life that their effect becomes traumatic, and are thereby agents of trauma. These observations and preliminary data may encourage others to look into this matter in more depth.


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The report linked above appears in modified form as Chapter 7 in this book:

Not Crazy: You May Not Be Mentally Ill
By Charles L Whitfield

Psychiatry today is not as advertised, as bestselling author Charles Whitfield describes in this scientifically accurate new book. It exposes the pseudo science behind modern biological psychiatry that misdiagnoses people who have painful emotional, psychological and behavioral symptoms as being “mentally ill” and then mistreats them with toxic psychiatric drugs that don’t work well or make them worse. Dr Whitfield blows the whistle on and names the culprits that promote bio-psychiatry for profit and control and explains why and how to avoid their mind- and body- manipulations. Most of these culprits are the “Bigs,” which include Big Pharma, Big Government, Big Insurance, Big Academia and Big Professional groups (as the American Psychiatric Association, American Medical Association and the National Alliance on Mental Illness). Each of the Bigs promotes and supports the misdiagnosis and mistreatment of what they call “mental illness,” which Dr Whitfield documents is instead the painful effects of repeated childhood and later trauma, which he explains in some detail. Throughout he describes how this major problem has developed and how to heal from it.


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