Pulse on Jesus

Pulse on Jesus

Nov 26


Pulse now has a page dedicated to all things Jesus, especially modern biblical scholarship, the Sayings Gospel Q, and attempting to understand and embody the Kingdom of God experience that Jesus was apparently riveted on. What follows is the current content on this new resource page…


Current Jesus-Related Posts on Pulse

Jesus on Pulse


Especially Important Dream Posts on Pulse

What Were The Earliest Followers Of Jesus Like?
The Search For A No-Frills Jesus
Why Scholarly Attempts To Discover The ‘Real’ Jesus Have Failed
Reflections On The Shroud Of Turin
Shroud Of Turin Movie (Watch Online)
Dead Sea Scrolls Going Digital
“Ossuary Of James” Trial Comes To End
Seeing With The Eyes Of God
News from The Shroud of Turin Website


Gospel Q Resources

The Search for a No-Frills Jesus (An article in the Atlantic Monthly about the Sayings Gospel Q)

Wikipedia on Q
The Lost Sayings Gospel Q
The Sayings Gospel Q — English Translation of the International Q Project
Q Web Materials
The Real Jesus of the Sayings Gospel Q (by James Robinson)

Five Gospel Parallels
Gospel of Thomas
Historical Jesus Theories

The Jesus Seminar and the Westar Institute
The Mustard Seed Venture


Shroud of Turin Resources

“I’m a Jew who can say that my faith in God was restored by my study of the Shroud of Turin. So the Shroud isn’t just for Christians; it’s for everyone!”

— Barrie Schwortz, creator of the Shroud of Turin website

Shroud of Turin Website
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