Quote: Justin U

Quote: Justin U

Sep 30

“Many events in my life I experienced, but not from how I remembered it, but from the point of view… [of] how the people, animals, environment experienced it around me. I felt it as my own. The times I had made others happy, and sad, I felt it all as they did. It was very apparent that every single thought, word, and action affects everything around us and indeed the entire universe. Trees, plants, animals too. I have been a long-term vegetarian since about 18 years old and I know this was appreciated and is a good choice in life. Spiritually it seemed to show proof of respect for all life, and even seemed to balance some of the negative and wicked things I have done in my life. In the life review we judge ourselves; no one else does. The light/god did not. But with no ego left — and no lies — we can’t hide from what we have done and feel remorse and shame, especially in the presence of this love and light. Some of the things in life we think of as important don’t seem to be so important there. But some of the insignificant things from the material human perspective are very important spiritually.”

— Justin U describing his near-death experience on the Near Death Experience Research Foundation website


For more information about near-death experiences (and related phenomena), go here.



  1. I love this quote. I really resonate with what he’s describing. Thanks for making these things available to us, David.

  2. I loved this quote to, Bonnie. Glad you liked it — and said so!

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