Quote: Robert Augustus Masters

Quote: Robert Augustus Masters

Feb 16


‎”Intimate relationship is perhaps the ashram of the 21st Century — a place especially ripe with transformational possibility, a combination crucible and sanctuary for the deepest sort of healing and awakening, through which the full integration of our physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual dimensions is more than possible.”

— Robert Augustus Masters



The Evolution of Intimate Relationship
The Art of Listening
Robert Augustus Masters: Spiritual Bypassing
Is There A Valid Role For Psychotropic Drugs In Psychotherapy?

Masters Center for Transformation
Robert Augustus Masters Website
Diane Bardwell Masters Website
Robert Augustus Masters on Facebook
Diane Bardwell Masters on Facebook
Masters Center on YouTube


Rick Archer Interviews Robert Augustus Masters (Buddha At The Gas Pump)

Transformation Through Intimacy (Integral Life)
Robert & Diane interviewed by Ken Wilber

Transformation Through Intimacy (MP3)
Robert & Diane interviewed by Mary Allen

Radical Intimacy and the Search for a More Integral Wholeness (MP3)
Stuart Davis Interviews Robert Augustus Masters

In this important interview (from April of 2006), Robert Masters discusses a brutal nine-month hell experience that he went through that became the foundation of his current work, which is primarily focused on helping people move through various dysfunctions by embracing the unseen, unconscious, disowned, often frightening aspects of themselves. He also stresses the importance of intimate relationships in the transformational process.


Transformation through Intimacy, Revised Edition: The Journey toward Awakened Monogamy
By Robert Augustus Masters

Spiritual Bypassing: When Spirituality Disconnects Us from What Really Matters
By Robert Augustus Masters

Meeting The Dragon: Ending Our Suffering By Entering Our Pain
By Robert Augustus Masters


By Diane Bardwell Masters

O Breathe Us Deep
By Diane Bardwell Masters


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