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2011 Headline News Archive


December 2011


The Battle To Define Mental Illness (wired)


New Scientific Study Indicates Shroud Of Turin Is Authentic (Telegraph)
The Life, Near-Deaths & Death Of Ben Breedlove


Medical Doctor Describes His Near-Death Experience
Tracing The Origins Of A ‘Yeti’s Finger’ (BBC News)
Japanese Buddhists Use Bar For Community Outreach
What To Expect When Witnessing A Loved One’s Death


Raymond Moody: ‘On Matters Of Life & Death’
An Open Letter To Canon


New Movie: ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’


One Of The First Public Talks Given By NDEr Howard Storm
More Than Money: The Good Life Parable
Unsolved Mysteries: Ice Woman


A Chat With Apple’s Siri


Trey Ratcliff: ‘Five Reasons Why I Don’t Care If My Stuff Is Pirated’
Secret Santas Popping Up Around The Country (AP)
The Year’s Most Memorable Quotes


Dangerous Discovery: Methane Gas Bubbling To Surface Of Arctic Ocean
TED: Peter Finwick: ‘Preparing For A Good Death’


Dewey Bozella: The Calm Within
Music: Diane Bardwell’s New Album: ‘Emergence’


Learning High-Performance Tasks With Little Or No Conscious Effort (National Science Foundation)


Synchronicity Google Style: Dalai Lama & Desmond Tutu Hangout On Google+
Movie: ‘Men In Black 3’
Lytro: Breakthrough Camera Captures Entire Light Field
Bob Olson Interviews Anita Moorjani (& Related News)
One Of The Most Remarkable Near-Death Experiences Ever (Updated)


Lighter Side: ‘It Doesn’t Matter How Many Resources You Have…’
New Invention Shuts Down Cell Phones While Driving (Daily Mail)
Audit Reveals Hundreds Of NASA’s Moon Rocks Missing (AFP)


Schem Diggity’s Story


Karma Kitchen & The Gift Economy
Quote: Dalai Lama
Top 25 Stories


Rash Of ‘Twilight’-Induced Seizures Prompts Warning (Baltimore Sun)
Discovery Provides ‘Astonishing Insight’ Into Bronze Age Life (Daily Mail)
U.S. Postal Service Plans ‘Unprecedented’ Cuts (AP)
Quote: Mark Twain
• Photo: ‘I’m The Hero Of This Story…’
Movie: ‘The Power Of One’
Video: ‘The Power Of One’
• Pancho Ramos Stierle


Car Of The Future: Toyota Fun Vii (Mashable)
Cartoon: ‘I Could Have Bought More Gifts, But…’
Web Usage-Based Billing On The Way (Bloomberg)


45 Most Powerful Images Of 2011
Music Video: Miracle On 42nd Street
Lighter Side: A 2011 Family Christmas Card
Swiss Gov: Downloading Movies & Music Will Stay Legal (TorentFreak)
Regrets Of The Dying (Updated)
Inspiring Story: ‘A Soft Answer’
#Occupy Bat Signal For The 99%


Quote: Steve Jobs
Amnesty International Urges African Nations To Bring George W. Bush To Justice (Amnesty International / Fox News)
Muddy Pools & Foolish Fish
UFOs & Government: Proposing A New Way Forward (Huffington Post)
Deep Brain Stimulation ‘Reverses’ Alzheimer’s (BBC News)
Regrets Of The Dying


November 2011


Australian Journalist Wins Prestigious Award For Exposing Flu Vaccine Scandal (The Refusers)
Plastic Swallowed By Albatrosses In The Pacific Ocean


WiFi-Enabled Laptops May Be Nuking Sperm (Reuters)
Dutch Researcher Creates Virus That Could Kill ‘Half The Planet’s Population’ (Doctor Tipster)
Mother Jones Details Elephant Abuse By The Greatest Show On Earth (Updated)
The Lighter Side Of NHNE
Cartoon: Santa Monitoring Reindeer Comments On Facebook


Mother Jones Details Elephant Abuse By The Greatest Show On Earth
Quote: Steven Pinker
Steven Pinker: Humankind Is Getting Nicer
Junk Food Can Hijack Brain Like Drugs Do (Bloomberg)
NASA Launches Giant Rover To Mars (AP)
Lighter Side: Karma Illustrated
Chinese ‘Internet Water Army’ Hired To Flood Net With Bogus Posts (Technology Review)
Giant Single-Celled Organism Discovered At Bottom Of Ocean (NYT)


Lighter Side: Husband & Wife Siri Argument
Britta Riley: Window Farms


Ray, Kathy, & Robert Share Their NDEs On ‘I Survived…’
Must Watch & Read: Paul Stamets: How Mushrooms Can Save The World (& Cure Cancer)


The Rotten Truth Behind Egg McMuffins (Updated)
Quote: Buddha
• Cartoon: A Grateful Turkey
Cartoon: Our Ancestors Had Tails…
Men Are Like Bluetooth; Women Are Like Wi-Fi
Favorite TED Videos
Favorite Pulse Videos
Documentary: Bible-Believing Christians Explore NDEs
Factory Farming & Animal Abuse Resource Page


The Rotten Truth Behind Egg McMuffins
Bruce Lipton Discusses ‘The Power Of Consciousness’
Great Google+ Resources
Cartoon: It Cuts Both Ways
Now Available: New Book Explores, In Part, How Justice Always Prevails


Daria Musk: Google+’s Secret Weapon Against Twitter & Facebook (The Next Web)
Walking Through Doorways Causes Forgetting (Notre Dame News)
Quote: Confucius


Is The End Of The World Nigh? (The Observer)
Jorian Ponomareff: Motorcycle Wizard
Bunker Roy: Barefoot College
Police Pepper Spray Peaceful UC Davis Students (Updated)
People Laughing


Cartoon: Jail Time: Wall Street Demonstrators Versus Wall Street Bankers
Police Pepper Spray Peaceful UC Davis Students


GE Paid No Taxes On $14 Billion In Profits (Weekly Standard)
Inside The Mind Of The Octopus (Orion Magazine)


• Cartoon: ‘Sorry, Son… There’s No App For That.’
New Mouthwash May Render Cavities A Thing Of The Past (Medical Xpress)
Vaccinated Kids 2-5 More Diseases Than Unvaccinated (Health Freedom Alliance)
The Amazing Model T


The Hopping Stone Vision
NHNE NDE Now On Google+


The Near-Death Of A Child
Joseph Shore: My NDE & Meeting Jesus
Google X: Google’s Top Secret Lab (NYT)
Decoding The Aging Process (medicalxpress)
NHNE Dreams
NDE: Howard Storm Describes His Encounter With Jesus


Stop SOPA, Save The Internet
Is Congress Trading Stock On Insider Information? (60 Minutes)
Occupy Wall Street Hugs
Music Video: “We Are The Many” by Makana
NHNE Jesus
Nokia’s HumanForm Concept Phone


Dealing With Too Little Sunlight & The Winter Blues (BBC News)


Yoga Breakdancing


Cartoon: Which Religion Is The Most Peaceful?
Nevada Health Dept. Raids Local ‘Farm To Fork’ Picnic Dinner


Pete Cashmore: The Future Of Social Media
UFO: Project Blue Book Archive
Kathy, Martin, Lisa Share Their NDEs On ‘I Survived…’
Stunning Bird Murmuration Captured In Ireland
New Orleans UFO Mystery Solved (Huffington Post)
Michael Pawlyn: Using Nature’s Genius In Architecture


Phoenix Jones, Super Hero


Steve Jobs (The Book) (Updated)


White House Says: No Alien Visits Or UFO Coverups


Did CDC Hide Link Between Vaccines & Autism? (NaturalNews)
What Do Steve Jobs’s Final Words Mean? (Washington Post)
Steve Jobs (The Book) (Updated)
Nanci Danison’s Near-Death Experience


Dale, Margaret & Cindy Share Their Near-Death Experiences


October 2011


Restaurant Serves Food Only Available To Caveman (Daily Mail)
Book: “Who On Earth Was Jesus?”
The Purpose of Life, Jesus & NDEs
Will Human Beings Achieve Immortality Before The End Of The Century? (Telegraph)


Drug Hallucinations Look Real In The Brain (New Scientist)
A Sister’s Eulogy For Steve Jobs (NYT)
Declaration Of The Occupation Of New York City
How Consensus Works At Occupy Wall Street
Steve Jobs (The Book) (Updated)


New Book: “Making Sense Of Near-Death Experiences: A Handbook for Clinicians”
Rene Jorgensen Speaking In Syracuse, NY About NDEs


Carly Fleischmann: Autistic Girl Who Used A Computer To Ask For Help (Updated)


Apple Posts Video Of Steve Jobs Memorial (MacWorld)
New Book: ‘Living Happily Ever After – Separately’ (Updated)
Science & The NDE: Chris Carter On Skeptiko


Dr. Susan Blackmore Challenged On NDE’s & Afterlife


Steve Jobs (The Book)


Clowns for Peace (AP)
National Geographic: The Weird World Of ‘Adult Babies’ (Updated)
Government To Mine ‘Big Data’ To Predict Human Behavior (NYT)
Reports Of Mystery Booming Noise Growing?
Remembering Steve


Steve Jobs: Imitated, Never Duplicated (Updated)


As Interest In Exorcism Rises, So Do Questions (Utne)
Cartoon: Steve Jobs At The Pearly Gates
100-Year-Old Man Completes Marathon (NBC New York)


Neale Donald Walsch’s Near-Death Experience


Quote: Stephen Colbert


New Book: ‘Living Happily Ever After – Separately’


Derren Brown Documentary: ‘Miracles For Sale’


• Healing Cancer World Summit
• The Good Book: A Secular Bible
Robert Perry’s Blog On Mary Jo Rapini’s NDE
Steve Jobs: Imitated, Never Duplicated (Updated)


Anita Moorjani Describes Her Fight With Cancer


• Breakthrough Electromagnetic Device Reverses Alzheimers (israel21c.org)
• Emmanuel Kelly On The X Factor 2011
• ‘Crisis Apparitions’ – Messages From Beyond The Grave (CNN)
Texting While Driving More Dangerous Than Previously Believed
Website Supports ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Events Across America


Steve Jobs: Imitated, Never Duplicated (New York Times)


Vitamin D Deficiency Common In Cancer Patients (ScienceDaily)
• NDE: Ellen Burstyn In ‘Resurrection’ (A Fabulous 1980 Movie)


Mayan Documentary To Show ‘Evidence’ Of Alien Contact In Ancient Mexico (Guardian)
Occupy Wall Street: Every Action Produces Overreaction (NYT, YouTube)
The Jive Aces Present: ‘Bring Me Sunshine’


Quote: Albert Einstein
Occupy Wall Street


September 2011


An Audience With Koko The ‘Talking’ Gorilla (The Telegraph)
Elephants Reunited After 20 Years


The Urban Farming Guys
• New Book Explores, In Part, How Justice Always Prevails
Dear Dr. Laura: About Your Biblical Views On Homosexuality…
‘Disconnect’ – A Documentary On Cell Phones & Cancer
Near-Death Experiences: 30 Years of Research (The Epoch Times)


Quote: ‘If It Is Important To You…’
Supercomputer Predicts Revolution (Singularity Hub)


Cartoon: A Reassuring Lie
The Dead Sea Scrolls Now Online
Suicidal Woman Describes Life-Changing NDE


Lighter Side: Head Falls On Sidewalk
Lighter Side: NASA Satellite Falls On Car


Award-Winning Documentary: ‘Tapped’
Lighter Side: A Brown-Skinned Anti-War Socialist…
• Online PsiberDreaming Conference Starts This Sunday (The Dream Tribe)
First Irish Case Of Death By Spontaneous Human Combustion (BBC News)
Walter Dembiczak & Sarah Murray Describe Their NDEs


• Did Chemical Reactions Cause Twin Towers Collapse? (AFP)
New Movie Planned About Betty & Barney Hill’s Alien Abduction (Huffington Post)


Buddha At The Gas Pump: ‘Interviews with ORDINARY Spiritually-Awakened People’
• BBC Documentary: ‘The Lost Gospels’


Lighter Side: ‘Dirt Devil – The Exorcist’
Marc Gafni’s Sexual Impropriety Re-Emerges
Actor Clint Walker Talks About His Near-Death Experience


Climate Change: The Science Has Never Been More Compelling, The Public Never So Misled (Climate Progress)
Apple’s New Campus (Updated)


Powerful Magnets Hamper Ability To Lie (New Scientist)
Financial World Dominated By A Few (ScienceNews)
Al Gore: Climate Change: ’24 Hours Of Reality’


U.K. Releases More UFO Files; Former Project Chief Apologizes For ‘Spin And Dirty Tricks’ (Huffington Post)
Raymond Moody On Shared-Death Experiences


Michael Moore: ‘I Was The Most Hated Man In America’ (The Guardian)


Scientology’s Former Second-In-Command Speaks Out In Germany


Lighter Side: When Grandma Goes To Court
Quote: H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


Documentary: ‘Queen Of The Sun – What Are The Bees Telling Us?’
What Happens When We Die – From An Experiencer’s Perspective
NDE: Juliet Nightingale: Toward The Light Radio Show


Nassim Haramein: Black Whole
Documentary: ‘9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out’
The Power Of Positive Thinking (New Scientist)
U.S. Post Office Near Default; May Have To Shut Down This Winter (New York Times)
Nearly 40 Percent Of Europeans Suffer Mental Illness (Reuters)


Austrian Priests Defy Catholic Church Over Celibacy, Other Issues (Reuters / Irish Times)
70 Metal Books Discovered In Jordanian Cave Could Change Biblical History (Updated – They’re Fakes)
New Movie Review: ‘Contagion’
Movie: ‘Of Gods And Men’


Impressionist Jim Meskimen Does Shakespeare In Celebrity Voices


Organize & Declare ‘Food Sovereignty’ Like Sedgwick, Maine
NDE: Jorgensen, Long, Bennett Appear On ‘Call The Doctor’
PMH Atwater Launches New Website


U.S. Scientists Conducted “Unethical” Experiments On Guatemalans In 1940s (Washington Post)
Vast Ice Island To Break Off Greenland Glacier (MSNBC)


August 2011


CNN: Why Is The Government Covering Up UFO Sightings?
History Channel: ‘Secret Access: UFOs On The Record’ (Updated)
Best Sources To Track Hurricane Irene
People Talk About Their Near-Death Experiences On TLC


History Channel: ‘Secret Access: UFOs On The Record’
Quote: Steve Jobs


History Channel Examines Strongest UFO Evidence (Huffington Post)
90 Percent Of Earth’s Plants & Animals Not Yet Discovered Or Classified (Reuters)


Steve Jobs Resigns As Apple CEO (Includes Jobs’ 2005 Stanford University Speech)


One Of The Most Remarkable Near-Death Experiences Ever (Updated)


Now This Is Cool: Wearable HD Sports Camera From GoPro
Scientists Ponder What Could Happen When Humans Encounter ETs (Guardian)


Carl Jung’s Near-Death Experience
BBC Documentary: ‘Carl Jung: The Wisdom Of The Dream’


Andrew Cohen’s New Book: ‘Evolutionary Enlightenment’
Bill Clinton Goes Vegan (CNN / Daily Mail)
New Movie: ‘A Dangerous Method’


• Elizabeth Taylor Describes Her Near-Death Experience
Journalists Who Shun UFO Reports Fail Readers


Seasteading: Billionaire Reveals Plan To Launch Floating Countries (Updated)
Viral Video: ‘I Just Texted to Say I Love You’
Famous Cardiac Surgeon Shares Near-Death Experience Stories


Winning Lotteries With Logic & Statistical Analysis (Mail Online / Wired)
• Dickson Despommier & Vertical Farms
Memory Retention Requires Uninterrupted Sleep (ScienceNews)
Woman Sleeps For MONTHS At A Time (Huffington Post)


TED: David Blaine: How I Held My Breath For 17 Min (video)


Quote: Voltaire
Neuroscientist David Eagleman (videos, book)
Short Film: Farewell Facebook
David Bennett Announces New NDE Book (video)
• Google+ & Real Names
• The Google+ Project (Updated)
• Over-The-Top, Infectiously Delightful Wedding Video
Mysteriously Cancelled Documentary Tackles ‘The Franklin Scandal’


Thousands Line Up For Free Dental Services In Woodstock (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
The Downside Of Being Ugly (New York Magazine)
Seasteading: Billionaire Reveals Plan To Launch Floating Countries (Daily Mail)


British Prime Minister Proposes Banning Rioters From Social Media (CNN)
Cartoon: Appearances Can Be Deceiving…
Scholars Seek To Correct ‘Mistakes’ In Bible (Associated Press)
Can Algae Save The Planet? (Washington Post)
Jody Foster Helps Save SETI (MSNBC)
Video: Amazing Display Of Youthful Agility


Jordan To Build $1.5 Billion Star Trek Theme Park (Mail Online / The National)
Poop Fuels Hydrogen Cars (MSNBC)
New Drug Could Cure Nearly Any Viral Infection (Medical Xpress)
Building Blocks Of DNA Found In Space Meteorites (Space.com)
• The Art & Science Of Dreaming (Dream Research & Education)


Experimental Aircraft Can Fly From NY To LA In 12 Minutes (Fox News)
Must Watch Documentary: ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’


60 Minutes: Banks Forge Documents To Foreclose On Homes
Drought Master: Machine That Pulls Water Out of Thin Air (Updated)


Facial Recognition Software Can Now Tell Anyone Almost Everything About Us (MSNBC)


• The FBI’s Child ID App (FBI)
Our Biggest Security Threat Is Global Warming-Induced Extreme Weather (AlterNet / Washington Post)
Memory Myths & Misconceptions (LiveScience)
Award-Winning YouTube Video: ‘Birds On The Wires’ (video)
Join The Social Media Revolt Against Government Raids On Raw Milk (NaturalNews)


The Make Everything OK Button
• ABC Primetime Nightline: ‘The Other Side’
• Lobsters Liberated By Buddhists (Reuters)
• Quote: Dr. Wayne Dyer
Cancer Is Curable Now! (video)


A State Actor (Possibly China) Behind Slew Of Cyber Attacks (Reuters)
Drought Master: Machine That Pulls Water Out of Thin Air
Mariachi Connecticut Serenades A Beluga Whale (video)


She’s Alive… Beautiful… Finite… Hurting… Worth Dying for. (video)


• Eckhart Tolle: The Simple Truth (video)
Quote: Ira Glass
Germans Quit Catholic Church, In Mass, Over Sex Scandals (AP)


July 2011


The Dark Side Of Carlos Castaneda (Salon / Time Magazine)
Undeterred By Arrests, Anonymous Steals & Releases Data From FBI Contractor (Forbes)
• Buddhist Monks Accused Of Sex Abuse (Chicago Tribune)


Crazy Pulse Stats
The Healthy Relationship Preamble (v2.0)
The Holstee Manifesto


TimeScapes: Rapture (video)


For Music Lovers: Game-Changing “Spotify” Now Available In America! (NYT/Spotify/Wikipedia)
3D Printing: The World’s First Printed Plane (New Scientist)
Gulf ‘Dead Zone’ Bigger Than Delaware (Texas A&M / Futurity)


Quote: Theodore Roosevelt
The Google+ Project (Updated)
Don’t Look For Me On Facebook, I’ve Moved To Google+ (Singularity Hub)


Social Media Revolution Erupts On Twitter: #f@ckyouwashington (NaturalNews / Raw Story)
• Scientists Discover Tipping Point For The Spread Of Ideas (physorg.com)
The Google+ Project (Updated)


270,000 Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto


John Cleese: The Scientists (video)
Girl Loses Half Her Brain In Car Crash & Gains An Amazing New Artistic Ability (Daily Mail)
Dr. Aubrey De Grey: Status Of Current & Future Anti-Aging Research (Daily Mail)
Resveratrol & Its Effects On Human Health & Longevity (NaturalNews/Biotivia)


Obesity Continues Dangerous Rise In America


• Dubai Weather Wizards Create Rain In Desert (Singularity Hub)
Genetics Confirm All Non-Africans Part Neanderthal (Discovery News)
Bill Gates Seeks To Reinvent The Toilet (Mashable)


Liars Can’t Completely Suppress Facial Expressions (KurzweilAI)
The Google+ Project (Updated)
Lack Of Vitamin D Linked To Muscle Injuries & Alzheimer’s (NaturalNews)


Cartoon: Google+ Versus Facebook
Historical Near-Death Experiences (Horizon Research Foundation)
New Space Telescope To Be Larger Than Earth (New Scientist)
Artificially Grown Tooth Transplanted Into Mouse (New Scientist)
Movie: Another Earth


Documentary: Farmageddon (includes movie trailer)
Meditation May Change Brain’s Physical Structure, Strengthen Connections (KurzweilAI)
Five Reasons To Listen To Your Children’s Dreams (Psychology Today)
Undiscovered Monsters (The Guardian)
The Google Effect: Is Google Making Us Dumber? (NBC Bay Area)


India’s ‘Godmen’ Face Questions About Wealth (Washington Post)
Pixar’s Ex-Designer Creates Stunning Interactive Book For iPad (Singularity Hub)
Mac Users: Are Your Apps Ready For Lion?


Children’s Memories Of Previous Lives (IONS)
Unsolved Mysteries: Dreams Come True (video)


3D Printing (video)


Older Men Value Kissing & Cuddling, Older Women Value Sex (Time)
Woman Seeks Support For Mobile Breastfeeding Truck (Kickstarter)


Movie: How To Live Forever


The Google+ Project (Updated)
Study: Antidepressants May Play A Role In Autism (Consumer Reports)
Papua New Guinea Tribe Meets White Man For The First Time
Quote: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Video: A Year’s Worth Of Make-Up Applied In One Day (Gizmodo)


Eye Glasses That See What’s Really Going On With Another Person (New Scientist)
Project Nim: A Chimp Raised Like A Human


WikiLeaks Video: What Does It Cost To Change The World?
Ape Genius (NOVA – From 2008)
NASA In Disarray (Washington Post)
Doomsday Preppers (National Geographic)


Love + Robotics: Lovotics (Technology Review)
An Insider’s View Of The James Arthur Ray Trial


June 2011


The Google+ Project (Google)
Sai Baba’s Legacy: Death Threats & Scandal (The Independent)
Using Sunflowers To Clean Radioactive Soil In Japan (NaturalNews)


Mellen-Thomas Benedict Amends 1982 Interview With P. M. H. Atwater
Singularity Summit 2011 In New York City
Biologists Discover How Yeast Cells Reverse Aging (KurzweilAI)


James Arthur Ray: Guilty On Three Counts Of Negligent Homicide (Arizona Republic / New York Times)
Software That Won’t Run On Lion, Apple’s New System… (MacWorld)


Google Translate For Animals (video)


Rural Life Better; City Life Stressful, Depressing (Daily Mail)
The Breast Milk Cure (NYT)


Sea-Level Rise Fastest In 2,000 Years (Daily Galaxy)
North Korea May Be Testing ‘Super-EMP’ Nuke (NewsMax)


French Hamlet Of Bugarach Promoted As Safe Haven From 2012 Apocalypse
Yearlong AP Investigation: U.S. Nuclear Regulators Weaken Safety Rules, Fail To Enforce Them (Huffington Post)


How To Eat To Boost Brain Function & Cut Alzheimer’s Risk (NaturalNews)
World’s Oceans In ‘Shocking’ Decline (BBC News)
A Neuroscientist Describes His Near-Death Experience (video)


Wind Tunnel Skydivers (video)


Reporter Tries, Unsuccessfully, To Tell Dalai Lama Joke (video)


Burzynski, The Movie: Cancer Is Serious Business (Movie)
Airbus Unveils The Future Of Air Travel (Daily Mail)


Iceland Crowdsources Its Constitution (Mashable)
A Rare & Remarkable Interview With Bill Gates (Mail Online)
‘The Book Of Mormon’ Wins Big At Tony Awards


Quote: Eve Ensler
Cartoon: My Therapy Is Simple…
Infographic: Home Gardening In The U.S.


Korea’s Got Talent: Sung-bong Choi…
Time-Lapse Video: Sydney Harbour


Homeowners Foreclose On Bank Of America
Spear Phishing: Email Fraud With A Friendly Face (NYT)
Californian Dolphin Gang Caught Killing Porpoises (New Scientist)
Homegrown Revolution (Award-Winning 2009 Short Film)
Urban Homestead’s YouTube Channel
Sharing Information Corrupts Wisdom of Crowds (Wired Science)
Screech Machines Drive Teens Away (CBS Minnesota / Miracletech Security)
Apple’s New Campus


One Of The Most Remarkable Near-Death Experiences Ever


Exclusive Preview: iPad Running iOS 5


David Spangler: Apocalypse Porn
Assisted Suicide Advocate Jack Kevorkian Dies (The Detroit News)


Global Internet Traffic To Quadruple By 2015 (Cisco)
‘Worms From Hell’ Expand Possibilities For Extraterrestrial Life (Washington Post)


Cardiologist Pim van Lommel Discusses His NDE Research (Updated)
Japan Pensioners Volunteer To Tackle Nuclear Crisis (BBC News)


May 2011


Cyber Attack May Be Considered Act Of War (WSJ)
Mini-Weapons Being Developed For New Age Of Warfare (Los Angeles Times)
Astronomers Unveil Most Complete 3-D Map of Local Universe (CFA)
WHO: Cell Phone Use Can Increase Possible Cancer Risk (CNN)
The Oprah Winfrey Show Finale


First Images From Great Pyramid’s Chamber Of Secrets (New Scientist)
Egyptian Pyramids Found By Infra-Red Satellite Images (BBC)
91-Year-Old Maker Of ‘Suicide Kits’ Raided At Gunpoint By FBI


GE: Solar Cheaper Than Oil In 5 Years (Bloomberg)
Scientists Make Lunar Watershed Discovery (NASA)
Mark Zuckerberg: Why He’s Killing The Meat He Eats (Fortune)


New Evidence: Cell Phone Radiation Damages DNA, Brain, And Sperm (Kurzweil AI)


Ooops: World Doesn’t End On May 21st, So How About October 21st?


World To End This Saturday (Associated Press)
Scientists Reverse Age-Related Degeneration In Aged Mice (Updated)
New Test Can Tell How Long You Will Live (The Independent)
The Power Of Placebos (Updated)
Jesus & Mary Of Kingaroy, Australia (The Courier-Mail)


New Book: ‘Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base’
NDE: Wedding, Whitfield, Moody On Fox News (video)
Janice Tunnicliffe: A Woman Who Is Allergic To Electricity (The Telegraph)
Rare Color Photographs From The Great Depression (Daily Mail)
National Geographic: The Weird World Of ‘Adult Babies’ (Updated)


A 1998 Undercover Report About Gabriel Of Sedona/Urantia
Quote: Carl Jung


The Jonestown Massacre Monument
The Tricorder X Prize


Heather Dorniden: The Runner Who Didn’t Give Up (video)


CNN: Urban Homestead
How To Tell When Someone Is Lying (KurzweilAI)
The Human Body, Searchable In 3-D (Technology Review)


Listen To All The Songs From The Broadway Musical ‘The Book of Mormon’ (NPR)


Woman Wakes Up After Surgery Speaking With British Accent (The Oregonian)
Hidden Cameras Expose Farm Animal Abuse (Mercy for Animals)


Eric Whitacre: A Virtual Choir 2,000 Voices Strong (videos)
TED: A Next-Generation Digital Book (video)
The Health Benefits Of Sex (Wall Street Journal)


NDE: Melvin Morse & Three Children NDErs On Oprah (videos)
Quote: John F. Kennedy


Navy Seals’ Secret Weapon: Elite Dogs (DiscoveryNews)
Aggressive Breast Cancer Linked To Low Levels Of Vitamin D (University of Rochester Medical Center)
Multiple Sclerosis Caused By Vitamin D Deficiency (NaturalNews)
National Geographic: The Weird World Of ‘Adult Babies’ (video)


President Obama On The Death Of Osama Bin Laden (Includes Background Information) (CNN)
Obama At The White House Correspondent’s Dinner


April 2011


S. Korea Activists Use Balloons To Encourage Change In N. Korea (AFP)


Neurorobotics Reveals Brain Mechanisms Of Self-Consciousness (ScienceDaily)
‘Megathrust’ Earthquake Overdue For U.S. North-West Coast (Daily Mail)
Superman Renounces U.S. Citizenship (ComicsAlliance)
Lara Logan Of CBS Talks About Her Sexual Assault In Egypt (NYT)


Accidental Overdose Deaths At Epidemic Levels (Futurity)
Playing Musical Instruments Fights Cognitive Decline (Futurity)
Allen Telescope Array Mothballed (Scientific American)


Masdar City – Futuristic Green City Rises In The Desert (The Guardian)
FBI Vault: The REAL ‘X-Files’


2004 BBC Documentary: The Secret Swami – Sai Baba
Sai Baba Dies
Documentary: ‘I Am’ (Updated)


Videos: Carl Sagan: Pale Blue Dot (Two Versions)


A Vengeful God Keeps Cheaters Honest (Futurity)


History Channel Brings ‘Real Jesus’ To Life (WorldNetDaily)


Video: Terje Sorgjerd’s ‘The Mountain’
Pain Of Arthritis Eased By Mind Game (Futurity)
Documentary: ‘I Am’
Movie: Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes
Gigantic Plume Beneath Yellowstone Now Even More Gigantic (Smithsonian)
Did Abraham Lincoln Believe In God? (Discovery News)
Obama: Federal Government Technology 30 Years Behind (ABC News)


U.S. Navy May Toast Pirates With Lasers (Associated Press)
Algae: A Single Source For Clean Water And Fuel (New Scientist)
Years Of Aftershocks In Japan; Risks On Other Faults (Washington Post)
‘Secret’ FBI File Describes UFO Hoax (Discovery News)
Quote: Mahatma Gandhi
The Big History Project (includes video)


UN Document Would Give ‘Mother Earth’ Same Rights As Humans (Postmedia News)
‘Wave Disk Generator’ Could Reduce Auto Emissions By 90% (MSNBC.com)
World-Wide Warning On Bacteria With Superbug Gene (NaturalNews)
Pulse Honey Resource Page
Psychedelic Drug Cuts Brain Blood Flow & Connections (New Scientist)
Using Psychotropic Drugs On An Integral Path (Integral NHNE)
Are These Two Of The Nails Used To Crucify Jesus? (Daily Mail)
NHNE’s “Lost Tomb Of Jesus” Resource Page


Quote: Walt Disney


Quote: Dalai Lama
Honeymoon Couple Survives SIX Natural Disasters (The Telegraph)
Vast Debris From Japan Tsunami Floating Towards U.S. West Coast (Daily Mail)
The Power Of Smiling (Forbes)
Video: Time-Lapse Auroras Over Norway
Prophetic Dreams: Preparing For Divorce (The Dream Tribe)
Happiness Peaks In Our Eighties (The Telegraph)


Scientology International Dissemination & Distribution Printing Center (video)
India Bans Japan Food Imports, Says Radiation Spreading (Reuters)
Sai Baba In Critical Condition (AFP)


Genetically Modified Cows Produce ‘Human’ Milk (The Telegraph)
From Newly Discovered Metal Books: The First Ever Portrait Of Jesus? (Daily Mail)
Lighter Side: Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder (video)


Vivos Doomsday Shelters
The Jerusalem UFO: MUFON Believes It Is A Hoax (includes four videos)


March 2011


More & More Doctors Using iPads
Wal-Mart CEO Bill Simon Expects “Serious” Inflation (USA Today)


70 Metal Books Discovered In Jordanian Cave Could Change Biblical History (BBC News / Daily Mail)
NDE: Vietnam Vet Shares Near-Death Experience


NDE: PhD Becomes Healer After Near-Death Experience
NDE: Woman Describes Two Near-Death Experiences
Great Ideas: Cars Made Of Super-Strong Fruit Fibers (msnbc.com)
Great Ideas: Amazon Cloud Player
Great Ideas: Powering iPods With The Human Heart (The Telegraph)


Jane Goodall’s Field Notes Digitized (Futurity / Duke University)
Religious People More Likely To Become Obese (Futurity)
The Kill Team (Rolling Stone)
UFO Videotaped Over Lafayette, Colorado (ABC News)
Lighter Side: ‘Then A Miracle Occurs…’
NDE: Two Near-Death Experiences During Car Crashes (video)
The iPad Revolution (The Observer)


Who Wrote The Bible & Why It Matters (Huffington Post)
Vatican Opens Dialogue With Atheists (RNS)
Quake Moved Japan Coast 8 Feet; Shifted Earth’s Axis; Shortened Days On Earth (Updated)
Autistic Boy, 12, Develops Theory Of Relativity (Daily Mail)


Jesuits Settle U.S. Abuse Claims for $166 Million (AP)
Study: Women With Large Breasts Are Smarter (Helium)


NDE: LA Group Gathers To Share NDE Experiences (video)
Japan Raises Possibility of Breach In Reactor Vessel (NYT)
Global Food Scare Widens From Japan Nuclear Plant (AFP)
Some Radiation-Tracking Air Monitors May Not Be Working Properly, EPA Says (Bloomberg)
Japan Disaster Likely To Be World’s Costliest (AP)
Egypt Protests: Women Forced To Have ‘Virginity Checks’ After Arrests In Tahir Square (Mail Online)


Risks Of Radiation From Japan Being Misrepresented (TruthOut)
NDE: Barbara Whitfield (From A 1996 Documentary)
Unsubscribe.com (Stop Unwanted Email)
Harold Camping & His Doomsday Prediction(s) (USA Today)


Germany Set To Abandon Nuclear Power For Good (AP)
The Healthy Relationship Preamble (v2.0)


Hobbit Filming Finally Under Way (BBC News)
Broadway Musical: ‘The Book Of Mormon’
Another Boy ‘Who Came Back From Heaven’
The FBI’s ‘Next Generation Identification System’ (Charleston Gazette)
Religion May Become Extinct In Nine Nations (BBC News)
Book Review: ‘Not Crazy: You May Not Be Mentally Ill’
What Are The Odds? U.S. Nuke Plants Ranked By Quake Risk (MSNBC)
Japanese March 11, 2011 Earthquake-Tsunami & Aftermath Resource Page
Japanese Earthquake-Tsunami Show Flaws In Just-In-Time Production (MSNBC)
NDE: Interview With 11-Year Old Colton Burpo (Heaven Is For Real)


Twitter Turns Five (Includes Video)
Video: The Great Bell Chant (The End of Suffering)


Google Accuses China Of Interfering With Gmail (The Guardian)
Summary & Outstanding Links: Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster
God’s Wife, Asherah, Edited Out Of Bible – Almost (Discovery News)
Moki.TV – All The Net’s TV & Movies In One Place (Mashable)
Has The Lost City Of Atlantis Been Found Off Spain? (MSNBC / National Geographic)
USGS List Of Current Earthquakes
Wikipedia On Geologist Jim Berkland


Protective Measures From Radioactivity In North America (NIRS)
Where Are All The Nuclear Reactors Around The World?
Where Are All The Nuclear Reactors In America?
Japanese Nuclear Disaster Caps Decades Of Faked Safety Reports, Accidents (Bloomberg)
Nuclear Plant Chief Weeps; Japanese Admits Radiation Leak Can Kill People (Daily Mail)


Geologist Jim Berkland On The Joiner Report Tonight
A Letter From Sendai (Ode Magazine)


Scientists Project Path Of Radiation Plume (NYT)
Feds Deploy More Radiation Monitors In Western U.S. (AP)
US Life Expectancy Surpasses 78, A New Record (AFP)
Foreign Powers Dither As Gaddafi Prepares For Final Showdown (France24)
Former USGS Geologist Predicts Major Earthquake For California (Helium/Fox News)
Japan’s Emperor Addresses Nation (CNN)
Wholesale Prices Up 1.6 Pct. On Steep Rise In Food (Yahoo! Finance)
Cyber-Crooks Take Advantage of Japanese Crisis (Computer World)
Iodine: Protection From Dangerous Nuclear Events


Fukushima Nuke Plant Situation ‘Worsened Considerably’: Think Tank (Kyodo News)
Lighter Side: Gas Prices
Apple Stores Help Japanese Stay Connected After Earthquake (MacLife)
Video: Google Earth Animation Of Japanese Quakes
Doomsday Scenario At Fukushima (Huffington Post)
U.S. Drug Stores Report Sudden Increase In Potassium Iodide Sales (Fox News)
The Japan Nuke Problem No One’s Talking About (The Daily Beast)
The No BS Info On Japan’s Disastrous Nuclear Operators (TruthOut)


NDE: Nurse Investigates Near-Death Experiences
The Lucid Dream Exchange


How To Help The Earthquake & Tsunami Survivors In Japan
Quake Moved Japan Coast 8 Feet; Shifted Earth’s Axis; Shortened Days On Earth (includes videos)
NDE: ‘Heaven Is For Real’ Dominates Best-Seller Lists


Six-Part Series: “A History of Christianity” (Watch It Here) (BBC)
UN Report: Humans Must Change Behaviour To Save Bees, Food (UN News Centre)
U.S. Navy Warned To Prepare For Climate Change (The Guardian)
Google Lets Users Blacklist Sites From Search Results (Wired)
Month Without Monsanto Tips (Organic Consumers Association)
Three Ways To Test Dream Interpretations (Flash of Spirit)
How To Upgrade From iPad To iPad 2 (Mac|Life)


Free Teleseminar: Discover The Healing Power Of Lucid Dreams (DreamTribe)
Global Map Of Mass Animal Deaths
People Don’t Know When They’re Lying To Themselves (Discover Magazine)
iPad 2 Video Tutorials
Sleep-Deprived People Make Risky Decisions (KurzweilAI)
Deep Sleep Maximizes Brain’s Ability To Learn (KurzweilAI)


Great Ideas: TikTok+LunaTik
NASA Scientist Claims Evidence Of Alien Life On Meteorite Updated)
Latest Geminoid Robot Is Incredibly Realistic (ieee Spectrum)
U.S. Farmers Fear The Return Of The Dust Bowl (The Telegraph)
Transcendent Man Movie Number #2 Documentary On iTunes In U.S. (KurzweilAI)
Google Unleashes Kill Switch For Android Malware (Mashable)


Doomsday Predictions (Including December 21, 2012 & May 21, 2011) (CNN)
NASA Scientist Claims Evidence Of Alien Life On Meteorite (Fox News)


British National Archive Releases More UFO Files (The Independent / MSNBC)
Microsoft Begs Users To Stop Using IE 6 (Mashable)


World’s Sixth Mass Extinction May Be Underway (AFP)
Videos: The Making of Old Spice Man


New Zealand Births Spike After Quake (AFP)
Android Users Hit By Malware Attacks (Financial Times)
Great Ideas: Apple Introduces iPad 2
Video: U3-X Personal Mobility Prototype
Why Women Really Are Better At Almost Everything (Shine)
Love Better Than Drugs In Reducing Pain (KurzweilAI)
‘Euthanized’ Dog Rises From The Dead (DiscoveryNews)
UN: Food Prices Hit Record High In February (AP)


Transcendent Man Movie Available On iTunes (KurzweilAI)
Thousands Take To Yemen’s Streets For New ‘Day Of Rage’ (France24)
James Arthur Ray Manslaughter Trial Begins (AZ Family)
Pulse on James Arthur Ray Sweat Lodge Incident


February 2011


TEDTalks Now On Hulu
Gmail Glitch Wipes Out 150,000 Accounts (Fox News)
‘Wolf Child’ Named World’s Hairiest Girl (Daily Mail)
Preview of Apple’s New Operating System – Mac OS X Lion (Apple)
Google Revamps Its Search Engine To Fight Cheaters (WSJ)


Google Revamps Its Search Engine To Fight Cheaters (WSJ)
‘Anonymous’ Warns Westboro Baptist Church; Westboro Baptist Church Chides ‘Anonymous’ (Updated)


Photos & Resources: Christchurch, New Zealand Earthquake
Video: The World Is Obsessed With Facebook
The Face Of Ötzi, The Iceman


Quote: What Is The Truth Of The Matter?


In Defense of Promiscuity; In Defense Of Chastity
Cell Phones Increase Brain Activity, Stir Fears (ABC News)
Pulse on Cell Phones
New Zealand Quake Death Toll Climbs To 75 As Rescuers Search For Survivors (Bloomberg)


Amazon Takes On Netflix With Unlimited Instant Video For Prime Members (Mac|Life)


Japan Unearths WWII Site Linked To Human Experiments (The Guardian)
Nun Gets Banished For Using Facebook To Spread Good News (CNet)
Video: Hans Rosling: 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes
Solar Tsunami Coming (Power)
The World’s Biggest Family: The Man With 39 Wives, 94 Children And 33 Grandchildren (Daily Mail)
‘Global Katrina’: Biggest Ever Solar Storm Could Cause Power Cuts Which Last For MONTHS (Daily Mail)


Movie: The Green Beautiful
China Quashes Pro-Democracy ‘Jasmine Revolution’ With Force (Daily Mail)
Making The Impossible Possible: The X PRIZE Foundation
The Google Lunar X PRIZE: Final Team Roster Announced (Google)
New Photo Of ‘English Nessie’ Hailed As Best Yet (The Telegraph)
‘Anonymous’ Warns Westboro Baptist Church; Westboro Baptist Church Chides ‘Anonymous’ (CBS News / NHNE)
‘Anonymous’ Reveals Pitches To Discredit Corporate Adversaries (NYT)


Time To Bring Touch Back To The Office (Canadian Business Magazine)


Great Ideas: How The iPad Is Helping Businesses Go Green
Video: The Placebo Effect


UFO Researcher Seeks Eyewitness Accounts (Sydney Sun-Telegraph)
Shy U.S. Intellectual Created Playbook For Revolutions (NYT)
Video: Narayanan Krishnan: A Companion To The Forgotten
Cut From The Same Cloth: Scientology And Enlightennext (American Guru)
Postbox: An Email Program To Get Excited About
60 Minutes Correspondent Lara Logan Repeatedly Sexually Assaulted – CBS Complicit In News Coverup (Boston Herald)
Huge Solar Flare Jams Radio, Satellite Signals: NASA (AFP)
Computer Beats Humans Playing ‘Jeopardy’ (NYT)


Quote: American Greetings


World Bank: Food Prices At “Dangerous Levels” (AP)
Video: Behind The Scenes At Pixar Studios
Michelle Obama To Promote Breastfeeding As IRS Gives Tax Breaks For Nursing (Politics Daily)
Powerful, Life-Changing Near-Death Experience Quotes


Animals Form Human-Like Friendships Too (Discovery News)
The Pathwork Lectures On Relationships
Quote: Plato
Quote: Sydney Smith
Marijuana Use May Cause Dysfunction In Males (LiveScience)


British Sci-Fi Series: Survivors
Magnifying Film Increases Solar Panel Efficiency By 300% (Mother Nature Network)
Obama Promotes Plans For Wireless Expansion (AP)
TheJMom.com – Jewish Parents Play Matchmakers (Time Out Chicago)
Neurochemical Evidence: Romantic Love Is Real And Can Be Long-Lasting (Discovery News)
Alaska Melting (Reuters)
The Cyberweapon That Could Take Down The Internet (New Scientist)


UFO: Travis Walton On The Today Show
Postal Service Warns Of Default As Losses Mount (CNN)


Quote: Marcus Borg
Molecular Cause Of Illness In Advanced Age Discovered (Physorg)
Genpo Roshi Admits Affair, Disrobes As Buddhist Priest
Diet Soda Tied To Stroke Risk, Though Reasons Still Unclear (AP)
Monsanto’s Roundup Triggers Over 40 Plant Diseases and Endangers Human and Animal Health (Responsible Technology)


Haggis Feels Blowback For Criticizing Scientology (ctv.ca)
Thinking Cap Increases Creativity (The Sun)
2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal (Time)
Icelandic Volcano ‘Set To Erupt’ (The Telegraph)
Top Reasons Why Consumers Unsubscribe Via E-Mail, Facebook & Twitter (Mashable)
Apple Is Most Valuable Company on Earth: Analysts (CNBC)


Great Ideas: Google Translate App Comes To iPhone (CNet)


Scientology: More Defectors Challenge The Church
Georgia Considers iPads For Students (Political Insider)
King Crabs Invade Antarctic Waters (Discovery News)
Amazon Droughts Could Tip Carbon Scale (Futurity)


General Mills Mind Games (NaturalNews)
Hackers Penetrate Nasdaq’s Computers (WSJ)
Video: Dr. Jeffrey Long Discusses NDEs In New Documentary
Video: Bill Clinton Describes Near-Death-Like Experience (The Daily Beast)


Russian Scientists Race To Breach Anarctica’s Lake Vostok (Reuters)
China Pulls Chinese Mummy With Caucasian Features From Show (Independent)
Recently Added Videos
Quote: Paul McCartney


Video: Interview With Dr. Andrew Wakefield
Video: Volkswagen Commercial: The Force


WikiLeaks: US And China In Military Standoff Over Space Missiles (Telegraph)
World Food Prices Hit Record High (AFP)
Oysters Disappearing Worldwide (AFP)
Net ‘Chatter’ Predicts Packers Will Win Super Bowl (Infegy)
UFO Documentary: The Phoenix Lights (Watch It Here)


UFO: Stuart Davis Interviews Leslie Kean (Integral Life)
WikiLeaks Among Nominees For Nobel Peace Prize (Reuters)
Special Report: “Vaccines: Get The Full Story”
NASA’S Neowise Completes Scan For Asteroids & Comets (NASA)


‘Al-Qaida On Brink Of Using Nuclear Bomb’ (Vancouver Sun)
NDE: Kenneth Ring Interviews Four NDErs (two videos)


January 2011


Chimpanzees Mourn Their Dead Just Like Humans (Daily Mail)
Test Your Internet Connection (Four Resources)
Short Documentary: Six People Describe Their NDEs (video)


15 Most Misspelled English Words Infographic
Lighter Side: Break-ups: The Series (includes two videos)


Quote: Joseph Campbell
Pamphlet Used By People In Cairo To Prepare For Protests (BuzzFeed)
Video: The UFO Cover-Up In 10 Minutes
Egypt Shows Internet Can Be Silenced In “Immature Markets” (Reuters)
2.08 Billion Now Use Internet; 5.28 Billion Use Cell Phones! (AFP)
Video: Kelli Describes Her Near-Death Experience
The United States of Shame & Awesome (infographics)


Great Ideas: The Fun Theory
• Where To Find Coupons For Organic And Natural Products (Mother Nature Network) – Here and Here
Humans Are 97% The Same As Orangutans (Daily Mail)
Documents Emerge Proving Dr. Andrew Wakefield Innocent; BMJ & Brian Deer Caught Misrepresenting Facts (NaturalNews)
Egypt Unrest Enters Third Day, Elbaradei To Return (Reuters)
Smart Phones Redefine Warfare (Washington Times)
Weed-Firing Catapult Discovered At U.S.-Mexico Border (Gawker)
Professor Breeds Bomb-Detecting Plants (Gizmodo)
Lighter Side: Exercise Or Die
Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Released In Malaysia Sparks Fears Of Uncontrollable New Species (Daily Mail)
Horrific Video Emerges Of Taliban Fighters Stoning Couple To Death For Adultery (Daily Mail)


Transcript: Obama’s State Of The Union Address
Story: The Blind Man At The Gate
Wild Chimps Outsmart Human Hunters (Discovery News)
Mindfulness Meditation Changes Brain Structure In 8 Weeks (KurzweilAINetwork)
Apple Brings the App Store to Twitter (Mashable) – @appstore


Postal Service Eyes Closing Thousands Of Post Offices (Wall Street Journal)
Social Networking Under Attack As Cyber-Skepticism Sweeps U.S. (The Guardian)
One In Five American Divorces Now Involve Facebook (Daily Mail)
Pam Reynold’s Near Death Experience
Sophos Delights Mac Users With Free Antivirus (TechWorld)
• Gulf Oil Spill Blood Tests Reveal Alarming Levels Of Toxic Chemicals In Residents: Here and Here
Why Are Gays Greener? (Utne)
Sleeping Next To Pets Could Be Harmful, Study Says (USA Today)


New TV Series With Peter Russell & Duane Elgin
Less Snow Leads To Hotter Planet (Futurity)
Study Claims 100 Percent Renewable Energy Possible By 2030 (PhysOrg.com)
9 Steps To Perfect Health (The Healthy Skeptic)


Lighter Side: How About This…


Lighter Side: It’s All About Perceptive
Feds Probe Post-Flu Shot Seizures Among Kids (CBS News)
A Simple Explanation Of The Huge WebM Versus H.264 Debate (Business Insider)
History Channel: The Real Face Of Jesus? (updated)
Shroud.com Celebrates 15th Anniversary!
Quote: Mother Teresa


The World Is Sinking: Dubai Islands ‘Falling Into The Sea’ (The Telegraph)
Hundreds Of Yankton, South Dakota Birds Poisoned By USDA (KTIV NewsChannel 4 Sioux City)
Documentary: Transcendent Man (Now Available For Pre-Order) (includes movie trailer)
State Bankruptcy Option Is Sought, Quietly (NYT)
3-D Makes Millions Sick, But Industry Pushes Ahead (AP)
George Lucas Dispels Wild 2012 Apocalypse Rumor (Wired)


Money-Scented Perfume: Can It Make You Rich? (AOL News / CNBC)
Better Looking People Are Smarter (Asylum.com)
New Type Of Entanglement Allows “Teleportation in Time”, Say Physicists (Technology Review)
The State of Wikipedia
Report: iPhone 5 Will Be ‘Completely Redesigned’ (NYT)
‘Great Garbage Patch’ Not As Dramatic As Advertised (Discovery News)
Harvard Psychedelic Club: 1956 Footage Of Housewife’s Acid Trip (includes video)
Being on High Ground (Literally) Makes You More Generous (Asylum)


Dreams: Turtle Power: Honoring A Dream With Action
Cyber-Attacks Could Cause Global ‘Catastrophe’ (The Telegraph)
‘Explosive’ Food Prices The Biggest Risk: Analyst (CNBC)
Scientists Trying To Clone, Resurrect Extinct Mammoth (CNN)
Julian Assange Vows To Reveal Tax Details Of 2,000 Wealthy People (The Guardian)
TED Video: Lesley Hazleton: On Reading The Koran


Beautiful Music From Shadi Toloui-Wallace
Quote: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Important: Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor on Gabrielle Giffords (includes video)
Banned Toxic Chemicals Found In 100 Percent Of Pregnant Women (NaturalNews)
Feds Forced To Stop Planting Gmos In All Refuges In 12 Northeast States (NaturalNews)
Interview With Dr Andrew Wakefield About Vaccines & Autism (NaturalNews)
Video: Martin Luther King “I Have A Dream” Speech
Steve Jobs Taking Leave of Absence from Apple (Mashable)
History Channel: The Real Face Of Jesus?
Celebrity Near-Death Experiences
Japanese Continue To Lose Interest In Sex


The Shadow Effect (Videos, Website, Book, DVD, Interactive DVD)


Scientists: Earth Must Prepare For Close Encounter With Aliens (The Guardian)
Glo: Interactive Bible With HD Videos, Animated Maps, 360-Degree Virtual Tours…
Extinction ‘Bubble’ Predicts Eco-Meltdown (Futurity)
Big Chill From Shift In Ocean Circulation (Futurity)
NDE: Scientists Probe The Afterlife


Romanian Witches To Cast Spell On Government (The Guardian)
Dreams: Lucid Dreaming, Jared Loughner & The Tucson Shooting
Quote: William James
Freedom In Decline Worldwide (AFP/Freedom House)
Could The U.S. Central Bank Go Broke? (Reuters)


Climate Changes Linked To Fall Of Roman Empire (Discovery News)
The Great Food Crisis of 2011 (Foreign Policy)
More Young People Are Winding Up In Nursing Homes (AP)
World Moves Closer To Food Price Shock (Financial Times)
Mice Kept On Unnatural Schedule Go Haywire (Wired)
Quote: Archibald Rutledge
U.S. Is World’s Biggest Source Of Spam (Consumer Affairs)


Great Ideas: ioSafe: Disaster Proof Hardware
NASA: 2010 Tied For Warmest Year On Record
Video: Viktor Frankl: Why To Believe In Others
Ten Signs That You’re Dating A Sociopath (Consumer Affairs)
Assange: We’re Stepping Up Release Of Leaked Docs (AP)
Glock Pistol Sales Surge in Aftermath of Shooting of Arizona’s Giffords (Bloomberg)
Major, Bizarre Fish Die-Off Along Lakefront (chicago.cbslocal)


You’re Out: 20 Things That Became Obsolete This Decade [PHOTOS] (Huffington Post)
Things Babies Born In 2011 Will Never Know (MoneyTalksNews)
U.S. Says Too Much Fluoride in Water (AP)
Apple Launches Support Profile Site (Macworld)
Russian Team Prepares To Penetrate Lake Vostok (Wired UK)
Blu-Ray Continues To Thrive, In Spite Of Streaming Threat (Macworld)


Little Homestead In The City: Two New Videos


Moving Magnetic North Pole May Be Causing Bird & Fish Deaths (Updated)


Greenpeace Ranks Tech Products On Eco-Soundness (SF Chronicle)
Greenpeace Green Electronics Survey (pdf)
New Danger Identified In High-Frequency Trading (InfoWorld)
Verizon To Carry iPhone (Reuters)
Moon Has Liquid Core Just Like Earth (Daily Mail)
Viking Found Organics On Mars, Experiment Confirms (Discovery News)
Moving Magnetic North Pole May Be Causing Bird & Fish Deaths (Times Square Chronicles)
Pulse on Geomagnetic Pole Shifts


Discovery Channel, Catholic Church Team Up For Exorcism Series (Entertainment Weekly)
To Beat Back Poverty, Pay The Poor (NYT)
What Women Really Want: To Marry A Rich Man (The Telegraph)
Mac App Store Opens With More Than 1,000 Apps (Macworld)
Temple Grandin, Claire Danes & HBO’s Movie (includes many videos)


TED: Arianna Huffington: How To Succeed? (video)
Twitter Usage: How States Compare [Infographic]
The Infamous Sai Baba
Real-Life Superheroes Walk Streets, Fights Crime (kirotv.com, SeattlePI)
2011: Year Of The Bank Run? (Fortune)


Health: Bright Light Eases Depression In Elderly People (WebMD)
The “Family” – Who Really Is Behind This Secret Organization? (Updated)
Bumble Bees In U.S. Suffer Sharp Decline, Joining Countless Other Species Disappearing Worldwide (Huffington Post)
Bees In Freefall As Study Shows Sharp U.S. Decline (Guardian)
Pulse on Honey Bees: Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)
Great Ideas: Flipboard
Amateur Astronomer Discovers 4 New Planets From Home Without A Telescope (Daily Mail)
Italy Bans Plastic Bags (BBC)
Filipino Politician Reynaldo Dagsa Murder Caught In Family Photograph (Daily Mail)
Pulse on Near-Death Experiences (Updated)
For Tolstoy And Russia, Still No Happy Ending (NYT and Wikipedia)


Great Ideas: Grooveshark
Scientists Create Downpours In The Desert (Daily Mail)
Top Scientific Breakthroughs of 2010 (Wired)
Apple Is Now Worth More Than $300 Billion (Mahable)
Computers That See Everything (NYT)
Wikipedia Raises $16M in Site’s Shortest Fundraiser Yet (PC Mag)
Pulse on Dreams (Updated)
All Things “Star Trek” (Updated)


UFO: A.D. After Disclosure: The 2011 Newsletter
Pope To Hold Peace Summit With Religious Heads In Assisi (Reuters)


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