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Years Of Aftershocks In Japan; Risks On Other Faults
Vast Debris From Japan Tsunami Floating Towards U.S. West Coast
Risks Of Radiation From Japan Being Misrepresented
Germany Set To Abandon Nuclear Power For Good
What Are The Odds? U.S. Nuke Plants Ranked By Quake Risk
Japanese Earthquake-Tsunami Show Flaws In Just-In-Time Production
Summary & Outstanding Links: Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster
Protective Measures From Radioactivity In North America
Where Are All The Nuclear Reactors Around The World?
Where Are All The Nuclear Reactors In America?
Japanese Nuclear Disaster Caps Decades Of Faked Safety Reports, Accidents
Nuclear Plant Chief Weeps; Japanese Admits Radiation Leak Can Kill People
A Letter From Sendai
Scientists Project Path Of Radiation Plume
Feds Deploy More Radiation Monitors In Western U.S.
Cyber-Crooks Take Advantage of Japanese Crisis
How To Help The Earthquake & Tsunami Survivors In Japan
Iodine: Protection From Dangerous Nuclear Events
Video: Google Earth Animation Of Japanese Quakes
Doomsday Scenario At Fukushima
U.S. Drug Stores Report Sudden Increase In Potassium Iodide Sales
The Japan Nuke Problem No One’s Talking About
The No BS Info On Japan’s Disastrous Nuclear Operators
Quake Moved Japan Coast 8 Feet; Shifted Earth’s Axis; Shortened Days On Earth
BBC Videos of 03/11/11 Japan Earthquake
Boston Globe Photos of 03/11/11 Japan Earthquake
Daily Mail Photos of 03/11/11 Japan Earthquake
More Photos from The Daily Mail
Japan 03/11/11/ Earthquake: Before & After
Wikipedia on 2011 Sendai Earthquake & Tsunami
Google Crisis Response Page: 2011 Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami


Best Sources For Information About U.S. Nuclear Power Plant Risks

What Are The Odds? U.S. Nuke Plants Ranked By Quake Risk

NRC FAQ About Risks To U.S. Nuclear Plants From Earthquake Or Tsunami (pdf)

• USGS Earthquake History Of Each State

• The NRC report with new earthquake risk estimates (pdf)

• An NRC fact sheet from November 2010 “Seismic Issues for Existing Nuclear Power Plants”

• The NRC database of active nuclear reactors in the U.S. Each reactor name links to technical and safety documents.

• Industry response to questions about the situation in Japan (pdf)

• A scientific paper describing the New Madrid earthquake, and what can be learned by melding modern science with writings from long ago.

• A brochure with a table comparing values for magnitude and peak ground acceleration

• The ranking of 104 nuclear plants by risk, by msnbc.com from NRC data, in an Excel spreadsheet file

• Where Are All The Nuclear Reactors In America?


Best Sources For Information About The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Disaster

International Atomic Energy Agency Updates

RDTN.ORG (crowd-sourced information about the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster)

Japan Status (a dashboard of accurate, sourced information on the situation in Japan following the March 2011 disaster)

Fukushima Update

EnerWebWatch’s Special Nuclear Situation in Japan

Union of Concerned Scientists: Japan Nuclear Power Crisis: Daily Telephone Media Briefings

Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center: Fukushima Nuclear Earthquake Disaster

Greenpeace Fukushima 1 (Daiichi) Radiation Briefing

Reuters Live Coverage Of Japan Earthquake Aftermath

New York Times Video Coverage Of Japan’s Earthquake & Nuclear Crisis

Wikipedia on 2011 Japanese Nuclear Accidents