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NHNE’s fast-breaking news list that forwards unedited “news from around the world concerning all aspects of personal and planetary transformation with a special focus on consumer protection for spiritual seekers and solving the fundamental mysteries of human existence.”

NHNE Special Reports

Carefully researched reports that tackle topics of special interest to the NHNE readership.


The most informal of our publications, Smorgasbord contains a wide variety of interesting information with a special focus on issues related to the spiritual path. Smorgasbord is edited by NHNE’s founder and publisher, David Sunfellow.

The NHNE News Brief

A news report dealing with planetary transformation topics from around the world. Edited by James Gregory, the NHNE News Brief utilizes many different sources of information, including our own NHNE SwiftWing Global Network which consists of lay people and professionals around the world that help research and write many of the stories we report on.

Wind & Wings

A series of columns dealing with personal growth and planetary transformation. Our permanent and rotating columnists are some of the most inspired, knowledgeable and well-connected people in their field of expertise.

NHNE Fast-Breaking News & Updates

Especially important news stories and fast-breaking information that are passed on to the NHNE readership as soon as we hear about them.

NHNE Updates

NHNE Updates are written by David Sunfellow. David’s updates keep the NHNE Mailing List informed about current and future NHNE projects as well as other important developments in the planetary transformation arena.

Inspirational Stories & Quotes

True stories, parables, quotes and humorous antidotes that uplift and inspire.

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Interviews, letters from our readers and other miscellaneous publications.

The VisionQuest Game

Wondering what you should do about a particular situation? This unique game can help you find out.

NHNE WebBuds

Classified-style advertisements, messages, and interesting offers from spiritual seekers around the world.

wild2k – NHNE’s Y2K Website

NHNE’s Y2K website.

The NHNE Y2K Report

The NHNE Y2K Report covers the most important news, information and resources concerning all aspects of Y2K. The NHNE Report Archive contains all of our Y2K publications: Y2K news reports, special reports, fast-breaking news and updates.


NHNE Special Reports (especially important reports marked with *)

Jesus, Near-Death Experiences, and Religion *
(David Sunfellow – July 22, 2015)

What Near-Death Experiences Teach Us *
(David Sunfellow – March, 2015)

The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth *
(David Sunfellow – March, 2013)

How Near-Death Experiences Are Changing The World *
(David Sunfellow – May 1, 2012)

2006 Brins Fire in Sedona, Arizona
(David Sunfellow – June – July 2006)

Sherry Stultz on Hurricane Katrina
(Sherry Stultz – August – December 2005)

Bonnie Willow in New Zealand
(Bonnie Willow – May 29, 2004)

NHNE Readers Respond to Jesus/POC Report *
(NHNE Readers – Sunday, April 4, 2004)

Thoughts on Jesus & Gibson’s ‘Passion of Christ’ *
(David Sunfellow – February 29, 2004)

2/15/2003 Global Peace Coverage
(NHNE Readers – February 15, 2003)

Center of Astrogeology
(David Sunfellow – June 21, 2002)

Special Report Update: Sai Baba: Divine Downfall
(Electronic Telegraph – October 30, 2000)

D. Patrick Miller’s Course Controversy Overview
(D. Patrick Miller – February 22, 2000)

Wapnick on the Hugh Lynn Version of “The Course”
(Kenneth Wapnick – January 28, 2000)

A Course in Controversy
(David Sunfellow, Douglas Thompson, Sanford J. Hodes – January 15, 2000)

Frontline’s “Apocalypse!” *
(David Sunfellow – December 27, 1999)

The Last Total Solar Eclipse of the Millennium
(Sherry Stultz – 8/30/1999)

Crop Circles *
(Sherry Stultz – 12/8/1998)

Emissary of Light Letters *
(NHNE Readers Respond to Emissary of Light Report – 6/18/1998)

Emissary of Light *
(David Sunfellow –  6/8-10/1998)

Sai Baba
(David Sunfellow, G.R.R. Babu, Jed Geyerhahn – 2/21/1998)

NHNE Earth Changes Composite Map *
(David Sunfellow, Robert Perry, Tom Dunn – January, 1997)

Earth Changes & Millennium Fever *
(David Sunfellow – 10/10/1997)

Heaven’s Gate & Related Issues
(NHNE Staff & Readers – 4/26/1997)

Remote Viewing
(James Gregory – 11/26/1996)

Letters About Geological Cataclysmic Global Upheaval
(NHNE Staff & Readers – 10/26/1996)

Jean Houston: An Inside Look
(Gail Rossi – 7/9/1996)

Discernment & the Spiritual Path *
(David Sunfellow – 7/7/1995)

The Pathwork Guide Lectures of Eva Pierrakos *
(David Sunfellow – 2/10/1995)

Japan Takes a Beating
(David Sunfellow – 1/25/1995)

A Course In Miracles
(Robert Perry – 12/2/1994)

The Great Pyramid & the Sphinx
(David Sunfellow – 11/25/1994)

Gordon-Michael Scallion:

Scallion & NHNE on TV
(James Gregory – from News Brief 31, 10/11/1996)

A Review of Scallion’s Predictions for 1995
(David Sunfellow – 2/20/1996)

Letters about the Scallion ’95 Review
(David Sunfellow & NHNE Readers)

Art Bell Interviews Scallion

Predictions for 1995 (& Beyond)
(David Sunfellow – 1/5/1995)

A Summary of Scallion’s Most Important Predictions
(David Sunfellow – 11/11/1994)


Y2K Special Reports