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The following reasons to support NHNE, and comments from NHNE readers, comes from NHNE’s November 2009 Fundraiser.

If you want to send some green love to NHNE, here’s where to go.


Why support NHNE?


NHNE Twitter Feeds:

Sunfellow & NHNE

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128 of the planet’s most inspiring videos


User-friendly introductions to all things integral:

Integral NHNE

Integral Rising

Outstanding Integral Resources

Integral Video Hubs

Integral Rising on Twitter

Integral Community Organizers

Ken Wilber & All Things Integral


NHNE’s Yahoo-based mailing list began in November of 1999. In the past 10 years, 16,251 “hand-picked, carefully vetted mind-expanding, brain-cell-building, life-changing nuggets of information” have been sent to this list.

You can find all the messages sent to this list, along with a searchable database, archived here:


When NHNE’s mother ship website came online January 1st of 2006, all of the articles sent to our Yahoo List began to be mirrored (copied) on to the new website. 5,631 of these messages are now archived there. Along with a searchable database, NHNE’s mother ship organizes all these articles into 136 different topics, each of which can be viewed separately and/or subscribed to via RSS feeds.



NHNE’s mother ship also has 25 special pages that track specific topics. The left-hand side of these pages contains a dynamically updated list of articles that have been published on the topic in question, while the right-hand side contains links to related websites, articles, special reports, videos, and other important resources. You can find these sections listed in the navigation bar at the top of the website. To view a quick list of all 25 of these special web pages, go to: “resources > News List References”. Here are a few of my favorites:

Aging & Anti-Aging

Death & Dying

Near-Death Experiences

Spiritual Experiences

Extraordinary Human Capabilities

The Singularity

UFOs & Extraterrestrials

Climate Change

Body Burden: Pollution in Bodies

Swine Flu Update Page


NHNE Pulse’s growing list of timely resources, including:

Twitter Dynamos

Top 10 Videos

Top 20 Books

All About Google Voice

All About Google Wave

Sedona, Arizona James Arthur Ray Sweat Lodge Incident

Cell Phone Resource Page

Bras, Mammograms & Breast Cancer

The Placebo Effect

Honey Bees: Colony Collapse Disorder

Honey Resource Page


Keeping a close eye on bogus religions, destructive cults, controversial gurus, dubious spiritual claims, unethical collaborations, and related mischief:

NHNE Scientology Resource Page

NHNE On Sun Myung Moon

NHNE On Joseph Smith & The Mormons

“Stripping the Gurus” By Geoffrey D. Falk

Frederick Philip Lenz, III (aka Rama) & His Association With American Buddhism

Ex-Followers On Andrew Cohen

Ken Wilber & Adi Da

The Exceedingly Dubious Tale Of Gary Renard
http://bit.ly/86LjOD and http://bit.ly/7OiuAv

Emissary Of Light (Special Report on James Twyman)

NBC Dateline’s Undercover Report About Gabriel Of Sedona
(aka Gabriel Of Urantia & Anthony J. Delevin)


NHNE Special Reports from years gone by:

Sherry Stultz on Hurricane Katrina
(Sherry Stultz, August – April 2006)

Bonnie Willow in New Zealand
(Bonnie Willow, May 29, 2004)

Thoughts on Jesus & Gibson’s ‘Passion of Christ’
(David Sunfellow, February 29, 2004)

Crop Circles
(Sherry Stultz, 12/8/1998)

Emissary of Light (Special Report on James Twyman)
(David Sunfellow, 6/8-10/1998)

NHNE Earth Changes Composite Map
(David Sunfellow, Robert Perry, Tom Dunn, January, 1997)

Earth Changes & Millennium Fever
(David Sunfellow 10/10/1997)

The Pathwork Guide Lectures of Eva Pierrakos
(David Sunfellow, 2/10/1995)


Reader Comments:

“I greatly appreciate NHNE because it constantly presents me with important news I’d probably never find on my own. Its range of topics is wide and its depth of coverage is just right for my interests. So I’m happy to support this online newsletter which, I find, has a sensitive finger on the pulse of the world beyond the blather of the daily — and largely Establishment-controlled — media. When the chronicles of the New Age are written, David Sunfellow will certainly have his labors favorably noted.”

— John White, internationally-known author, educator and lecturer


“Good luck, David. I don’t know anyone who aggregates the important news like you do!”

— Robert Mayer, Scottsdale, Arizona


“I truly appreciate the work you do. I count on the daily posts from NHNE, especially the climate change pieces. Often I pass them along to my colleagues at Al Gore’s organization The Climate Project, where I an a few thousand others have been trained to give the presentation to the public. I am constantly updating it, and your posts have been very helpful. Please keep up the good work!”

— Peter Joseph, San Anselmo, California


“In my world NHNE’s demise would create a big VOID. As you say it, so rightly:

‘Gone would be a source of information that, from day one, has been more bent on getting to the bottom of things than promoting specific agendas; gone would be quick-response network that reached others of like mind with reliable news and information about subjects that matter to us; gone would be a source that often identifies (and explores) important new trends YEARS before the public at large has even heard of them.’

“I cannot afford a donation, but I could not afford to start my day without NHNE. Thank you for the service.”

— Irlande Alfred, Melbourne, Australia


“Gasp!! What would I do without you?! Probably get a lot more done, but that’s beside the point. I have to go for a brisk walk right this minute, before the early winter night sets in, but I’ll be back with to write you a check shortly.”

— Ruth Lyons in Beautiful Bellingham, WA


“Just wanted to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank You’ for all the wonderful, informative news that you have been sending to my inbox. I have been a monthly subscriber for a few years now, a very small monthly subscriber, but I find that I can afford to do it this way. Being on a limited income, it is sometimes hard to part with larger sums of money. However just a small amount each mouth is not missed. So if there are others out there, who like myself, have limited budgets but would like to contribute may I suggest making a small monthly contribution. Small contributions can add up! Again, Thank You.”

— Karleen O’Connor


“I know the last couple of years have been difficult for everyone and I am happy that I have a few dollars to be able to contribute this winter. That alone fills me with gratitude. It is a very different feeling for me this year than it has been in the two previous years. We are beginning to feel a bit of a recovery in our neck of the woods. My husband and I were in Sedona early in November and I was saddened to see that you still are in full recession mode right now.

“Through thick and thin I have continued to enjoy the way NHNE puts together the news stories that I, particularly, find so stimulating. It is as if you have picked them out just for me. In a way it makes me feel as if I have a family. If there are so many people who relate, as I do, to the number and caliber of articles that you present, that means there are as many people who have common interests. I find that very appealing. I dare say it is one of the reasons I have had the wherewithal to manage my own web site — in search of more like minded fellows.”

— In abiding love and light, Michelle Cook, Longview, Texas, USA, http://www.heartandsouls.ning.com


“I wanted to take a moment to respond to your latest fundraising efforts. Over the years, I’ve been able to send you donations which while they were ‘substantial’ to me, were only mere tokens of the extraordinary value I place on the material NHNE shares. Actually, that value is placed in YOU as YOU ARE NHNE. Without that person — David — there would be no communications. I thank you with each posting you send out!

“We’ve been electronic friends for many years now — since the very early days of online communications. I wish that I were in a better position to assist you now. This current financial adventure has really taken it’s toll on me and each day presents a new and somewhat different challenge. I share this because I want you to know that my absence in the ‘circle of support’ is not due to a withdrawal of admiration or desire — but rather simply the challenges of getting incoming funds to meet my minimal day-to-day needs are where I’ve had to focus my energies. I promise you that when ever I have some ‘loose coin’ you are on the top of the list to share it! Please do not be disheartened — NHNE is too important to lose!

“Much love and deep appreciation to you and all that you do for the planet! May Peace Prevail on Earth — and May we each BE the Peace we seek.”

— Bernice B. Cousins, Astoria, New York, USA


“I appreciate NHNE and all the info collected by David. Keep up this important work, please.”

— Merri Lu Park, Johnson City, Texas, USA


“Thanks for the wide variety of great information not found elsewhere, even on EarthRainbowNetwork <http://earthrainbownetwork.com>, our other favorite news source. Blessings and love!”

— Karen and Barry, Macdoel, California, USA, http://www.LuminousSelf.com


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