Robert Kennedy, Jr. – Vaccines Revealed

Robert Kennedy, Jr. – Vaccines Revealed

Jan 30

Robert Kennedy, Jr. – Vaccines Revealed

David Sunfellow writes:

Whether you are pro-vaccine, anti-vaccine, or somewhere in the middle, I urge everyone to watch this interview with Robert Kennedy, Jr. It appears in Part 3 of the new 9-part documentary “Vaccines Revealed.” Kennedy, who vaccinated all six of his children, describes what he discovered about vaccinations after being dragged into the controversy. Known primarily for his work as an environmental activist and attorney specializing in environmental law, Kennedy is now spending all of his time attempting to force various government and corporate entities to come clean about the greed and corruption that has been driving the vaccine industry and publicly debate this important topic. I’ve included a few quotes from Kennedy’s interview below.

To watch or listen to the complete interview, or to download a transcript of the interview, go here.

To watch the entire 9-part series, go here.

For more information about all aspects of the vaccine controversy, go here.


Excerpts From Part 3 of Vaccines Revealed:

Robert Kennedy Jr.:

“Well, you know, a lot of people I think their first reaction is this couldn’t be true. Why would the CDC do this? Why would they lie to us about the safety of vaccines? And it is astonishing. You almost have to read the Simpsonwood transcripts to understand what happened at the CDC. Why these idealist public servants suddenly, felt that they had to close ranks and protect the institution, but in many way we see the analogy for this behavior in other realms.

“For example the Catholic Church and the pedophile scandal. Everybody got involved in it. Everybody got implicated in it. There was a relatively small number of priest who were actually raping children, but the Bishops got involved because suddenly, the institution became more important than the children they were suppose to be protecting. And it’s the same thing here. The CDC and the vaccine program have to be protected. These people who are being injured are just sacrifices for the greater good. So I think they got involved in that kind of perverse dynamic, but at the time when they make these choices they seem like rational choices to them and necessary choices. And they don’t seem selfish. And the don’t seem evil to the person who is making it. But when we look at from the outside it’s astonishing.”


“The most important outcome, I think that the strategic outcome would be to get a public debate about this because the CDC can not withstand a public debate. So all the things I do are bent on forcing this debate out into the open because once the science is in the open CDC’s position is so fragile. It’s an edifice of fraud, of fraud stacked upon fraud so high and so wobbly that even a slight breeze of public scrutiny will topple it.

“The genius of what they’ve been able to do is to be able to stop all that public scrutiny. And it’s not only congress that won’t investigate them. And regulatory agencies have been captured. The courts and the lawyers that would normally apply that scrutiny have been removed by the vaccine act. And the press has been compromised and it’s not just the main stream corporate media, but also the so called alternate media like Huffington Post, and Salon, and Slate, and Daily Beast, and even Mother Jones for whom this is a taboo topic. They simply will not cover it. They will not allow editorials. They won’t allow letters. They won’t allow any discussion. That is really this Kafkaesque cocoon and they made it so that … Daniel Showmen wrote in the Columbian Law Review or the Journalist review, that for journalist this is radioactive. That this is a career ending controversy.

“So reporters won’t touch it. Everybody is scared of it. And doctors won’t come out. Doctors lose their license if they talk about this. The scientific journals won’t publish on it because they get directly punished. Their revenues are largely coming from pharmaceutical companies. So they’ve effectively been able to shut off any kind of controversy, and of course, mushrooms and cock roaches need darkness in order to flourish and that’s what happens. They exploit our population, exploit exponentially. What we need is sunlight. If you put a little bit of sunlight on this controversy the whole thing is going to fall apart. And that’s all of my strategy, the lawsuits, the articles, the public statements, the demonstrations, everything is about trying to have a debate in our democracy.”


“It’s very frustrating. It’s really … It’s a phenomenon. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life where you’re simply not allowed to talk about it. And the only places where … It’s being talked about but it’s on the social media. And it’s all sub rose and shows like this one which will never air on HBO, will never air on the public media on the mainstream media. It’s all and you know, that’s what we have to do. We have to get the social media so active that if there’s a crack, there’s a break.

“The thing is we will win this because all it takes is … There are many, many ways … It’s like storming a fortress and every time you storm you a lose troop. You’re probing for that one crack and it could be just one editor of the Atlantic Constitution, who says, you know what we’re going to do a series of corruption at CDC. Or a producer at 60 Minutes or the Today Show who says, you know I’m a journalist. I’m not going to be censored anymore or I’m going to let … I’m going to allow a debate on this. Or it could be a lawsuit a judge who says I’ve looked at the facts in this. I know something about science and there’s something really screwy here and I’m going to allow William Thompson [from the CDC] to be disposed publicly. It could be a congressmen who subpoenas him before a committee and exposes the whole thing and forces debate. As soon that debate happens the opposition to this will shrivel, but that’s what you need. You need sunlight. You need debate. We live in a democracy, and it’s absolutely insane that we’re not allowed to talk about this.”


“You see this viciousness towards the mothers of vaccine injured children or vaccine hesitant parents. These people aren’t naturopaths and crackpots as they’ve been described. They’re all marginalized and dismissed and vilified as a very misogynistic impulse because these are mainly women who are making these complaints. And these women know what happened to their child. They brought a perfectly healthy two year old into their pediatrician and got a battery of shots. And that night that baby spikes a fever and this is a child who exceeds all milestones. I’ve heard this story a thousand times in language, in social interaction, in athletic ability. That the child exceeds his class, his cohorts, his year class and she brings him in at age two. She gives him this battery of shots. A lot of these mother’s were hesitant. They saw all these needles going into the baby. They question the doctor. The doctor says, “Okay.” That night the baby spikes a fever. The baby has a seizure and over the next three months the child is lost.

“They lose the ability to interact with their brother and sisters. To point their finger. To name. To make eye contact. They begin to engage in stereotypical behavior the head banging, the flapping, the unrealized clapping, and they lose their language. They become nonverbal. They lose their toilet training. And now you have a kid who is 14 years old still wearing diapers, and wearing a football helmet, screaming, and agonizing. And this was a total normal child. That never happened in history before. There’s no recording of this in my generation. Nobody ever described perfectly normal children who suddenly regress into intellectual disability.

“And these mothers who know what happened and they know. And they’re dismissed as crackpots, and naturopaths, and hysterics, refrigerator moms, and all of these things are said about these … Instead of saying wait a minute this is a parent of an intellectually disabled child and ought to listen to her. We ought to hear what she’s saying. We ought to not just dismiss her theories about what happened to that child. We need to listen. We need to examine. We need to scrutinize and we need to see if what she is saying is true. And none of that happens. None of that happens.

“It’s all this whole body of thousands and thousands of women are just dismissed. And you see what happens to them and to their families. These were the women I was meeting on the road and they’re courageous. And they’re smart. And they’re well informed. And they know what the science says. And they’ve attended the meetings. And they’ve read the government documents. And they’ve read Simpsonwood transcripts and they weren’t anti vaccine. They vaccinated their kid but they saw what happened, and that’s what happens in orthodoxies. Orthodoxies are cruel anywhere you see them. They are ultimately cruel because we’ve got to be able to question things. We have to able to ask the questions and science is not religion. And you can’t just say I believe in it no matter how mean it is, no matter how cruel it is, no matter how ruthless or damaging it is children. You know, we’ve just got to do what it says…”


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  1. I listened to this but few people would listen to me in the past. I am so hoping they will read or listen to this. I sent it to everyone on my email list and put it on my facebook page. As each one does this maybe some good will come from it. Thank YOU David. I so love the work you do. Waking up hearts to thing every loving heart needs to know. Marie Rhodes

  2. Susan

    Many thanks to both Robert Kennedy Jr. and David, for bringing this issue out into the light. Most of my family thinks I’m crazy to not get a flu vaccine, and when I tell them that vaccines are full of poisins, and aren’t effective, and are only making pharmaceutical companies rich, they don’t believe it.

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