Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Aug 01

Today’s Quote:

“I think what we have to do is look at each other, and learn from each other. Not just think that we know it all, because every one of us knows a bit. And if we put all that together, then we educate each other about everything. “

— Aboriginal Elder, Major “Muggi” Sumner, from a Global Oneness Project interview

Today’s Most Important Stories, Information & Links:

Exxon Spends More On Lobbying Than Entire Clean Energy Industry Combined (TreeHugger)
Defense Dept. Agency That Helped Invent Internet Sets Its Sights On Cleantech (BusinessWeek)
Crisis In The Modern Zoo: Conservation Is The Only Valid Reason For Keeping Animals Captive Anymore (Boston Globe)
A Flood Of Postapocalyptic Stories Are Headed Toward Movie Theaters & TV Screens (WSJ)
• TED: New Edge Videos Explore The Staggering Potential Of Genetics (6 hours of video)
• Must listen to: NPR Interviews Makers Of ‘The Cove’
• For more information about The Cove, including the movie trailer, go here
Stanislav Grof On Nonordinary States Of Consciousness (The Sun)

Today’s Recommended Book:

Transformation Through Intimacy: The Journey Toward Mature Monogamy by Robert Augustus Masters

New Additions To Website:

When The Impossible Happens: Adventures In Non-Ordinary Realities by Stanislav Grof (book)
Project Oneness Interview With Aboriginal Elder Major “Muggi” Sumner (video)

Today’s Video: Elephant Painting

Can your elephant paint? Watch this elephant, rescued from abusive treatment in Burma, paint an amazing self portrait. You’ll be amazed at how his talent unfolds. So touched by their horrific backgrounds and loving personalities, supports “Starving Elephant Artisans” by selling their paintings so they can continue to have a new life in Thailand.


  1. Karleen Oconnor

    Just wanted to say Hi and tell you how much I have enjoyed and also learned from the many years I have been a subscriber. Thanks David.
    You always amaze me with the new toys, it alone has kept me up to date with the new advances the web has to offer.
    Thanks again, Karleen

  2. Hi Karleen. Thanks for stopping by and checking out Pulse. The web has come a long way since NHNE’s first website was coded by hand! Things have gotten so much easier, and so much more complicated! Glad to share the adventure with folks like you.


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