Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nov 28

Today’s Quote:

“People are like tea bags — we don’t know our real strength until we get into hot water.”

— Dan McKinnon

Today’s Most Important Stories & Related Resources:

Washington Post Review on Carl Jung’s “The Red Book” (11/12/09)
New York Times Article on Carl Jung’s “The Red Book” (09/16/09)
Wikipedia on “The Red Book”
Purchase “The Red Book” on Amazon
The Dream Theories of Carl Jung by Ryan Hurd (Dream Studies)
• Integral NHNE: Dreams & Dreaming Resources
• Integral NHNE: Shadow Work

The Great Integral Awakening FREE Audio Downloads – Murphy, Wilber, Cohen, Hamilton, Beck, Patten, Genpo Roshi…
• Esalen on Twitter @EsalenInstitute and Facebook
• Photos from The Findhorn Foundation’s 47th Birthday Celebration (via @FindhornFound)
The Religious Wars by Nicholas D. Kristof (NYT)

Catholic Church In Ireland Covered Up Child Abuse (AP)
Patrick Stewart: The Legacy Of Domestic Violence (The Guardian)
‘Mental Illness Gene’ Discovered (BBC)
Women In Search Of Their Own Elixir Of Love (NYT)
The Manufactured Doubt Industry And The Hacked Email Controversy (Weather Underground)
Dubai In Deep Water As Ripples From Debt Crisis Spread (Times Online)
The Dark Side of Dubai (The Independent, from April of 2009)
Self-Sufficient Christians Prepare For Second Coming Or For Life After Global Disaster (Washington Post)
Growing Crops In Buildings Proposed As Solution To World’s Food Woes (CBCNews)

70 Stories From People Who Have Had H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Side Effects (Organic Health)
Organic Health Swine Flu Resource Page
NHNE Swine Flu Resource Page

Today’s Most Important Links & Websites:

The Copenhagen Diagnosis: Climate Science Report
The Integral Relationship Preamble

Recent Website Additions & Updates:

Dirt & Germs Are Good For You
Robert & Diane Masters: The Four Stages Of Relationship (videos)
Why Support NHNE?
Unlikely Animal Friends: The Orangutan & The Hound (video)
• Updated Sedona, Arizona James Arthur Ray Sweat Lodge Incident
Bras, Mammograms & Breast Cancer (reference page)

Today’s Recommended Books:

Carl Jung’s Red Book
• Autobiography Of Houston Smith: “Tales Of Wonder: Adventures Chasing The Divine”

Today’s Featured Video: StoryCorps

StoryCorps encourages Americans to set aside time on November 27th, 2009, to record a conversation with an older relative or another family member, a friend, a neighbor, or any person with a story to share — perhaps a soldier who has returned home or a client at a local soup kitchen — as part of the National Day of Listening. To help people honor and celebrate one another’s lives through listening, StoryCorps has created a simple tool kit of easy to use instructions, pointers, and sample questions at

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