Schem Diggity’s Story

Schem Diggity’s Story

Dec 07




  1. Dear Schem,
    I just watched your video. You reminded me of how important it is to share the love in our hearts with others. We do not know who is hurting inside and is afraid to tell anyone. A smile, a word, starting a conversation is easier than most of us think. It can be something as small as, hey man, I really like that jacket. do you remember where you got it? I might get one too! Much Love Schem and many thanks. I used my company email and gave my company website too. Just in case there’s problems with posting on my other email address.

  2. Thank you Schem,
    What a wonderful video…you made my day and made me think about all my blessings.

    God bless you and never lose that wonderful smile.

  3. Thank you Schem for posting this wonderful video. You made my day! Keep smiling!

  4. Ron Powrozek

    Hi Schem,
    I’m a grandpa and my heart is breaking. My grandson Eric Brown died on Nov 5, 2011 of an overdose of medication that he was on. I just saw your video on his brother’s facebook page and I’m glad he found you. I hope he finds strengh to carry on as I have found in your video. I’ve lived for 73 years before experiencing the grief and devestation that I felt by losing a 20 year old grandson. My wife died when I was 63 but people die at that age, they’re not suppose to die at 20.
    You don’t realize how much you helped Eric’s brother as well as helping me. God bless you for opening your heart to us and having the courage to stay strong and realize that there are others that hurt as much as you do. God bless you. Peace!!!!

  5. Jennifer Grubb

    Hello, you might not remember me but i’ve messaged you quite a few times, I know you have your own life and everything but I was wondering if i could talk to you. I actually to the point were I dont care anymore and I want to give up. I literally need help. I just need someone to talk to and I was hoping you can help.

  6. Morgan

    This video really helped, this past year I’d been going through a bit of a rough patch. My mom put me in therapy but they just told me it was depression and axiety & I’d have to work through it. I started to get nervous this summer not wanting to go back to school and see all the people who caused all the problems for me. This video really showed me to smile, cause I don’t really know what’s going on in their lives.
    Job well done<3

  7. Hi Morgan. Glad it helped.

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