Scientologists Asked Google To Censor Bad Press

Scientologists Asked Google To Censor Bad Press

Jun 28



By Nick Farrell
June 27, 2013

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The Church of Scientology, considered in Germany as a sect that exploits vulnerable people for profit and is based on the sci-fi novels of Ron Hubbard, allegedly had a crack at getting Google to censor bad press.

Scientology has to admit that over the years its cyber-footprint is a bit off with the internet full of negative posts about the cult.

Now, a former top level Scientologist turned whistleblower, Geir Isene, has revealed that leaders met with Google’s Sergey Brin and asked him if it were possible for the search giant to filter results so that only positive information about the church would be returned on the word ‘Scientology’.

Apparently Brin was too much under the control of Xenu to agree and sent them away with a Thetan in their ear.

Not discouraged, the Scientologists tried their luck meeting the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which had regularly criticized the church for its stands against internet freedoms.

Isene begged the church’s officials to give him a full day to explain the internet to them before they had the meeting.

However, the EFF still put the Church of Scientology into its ‘Takedown Hall of Shame’ indicating that for a sci-fi based ‘religion’ it has a lot of trouble understanding technology.

Writing his book, titled ‘From Independent Scientologist to Just Me’, Isene explained how he tried his best to explain how the internet works.

He explains Scientology’s internet history here:



Pulse on Scientology


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