Celebrates 15th Anniversary! Celebrates 15th Anniversary!

Jan 21


By Barrie Schwortz, Editor & Founder
Shroud of Turin Website

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Fifteen years ago tonight I sat in my studio in Los Angeles, California and pushed the button that sent the first pages of this website online. Little did I realize (for I was definitely not a visionary), that the internet was about to explode and that I was about to be carried along as part of that “big bang.” Yet the last fifteen years have been amazing! They have brought me great joy, a little grief and an occasional sadness, but also the true satisfaction of knowing that there are people out there to whom this work really matters, and it is that fact alone that makes the long hours worth every minute. Over the years I have come to understand that the website truly means something to those who have faithfully followed it, supported it and participated in it. I am proud that it has brought together, archived and made available some of the most important scientific work ever done on the Shroud of Turin by many of the most important Shroud scholars of our time. And now, because of STERA, Inc., I have the further satisfaction of knowing that this website will continue into the future and still be here long after I am gone. That in the end, it has become my own legacy. And that is far more than this skeptical, old hippy, Jewish photographer from Pittsburgh ever expected back in 1996 when I pushed that button! Thank you for being there. You make it all worthwhile!

This update contains so much new material that I am including an Update Table of Contents:

STERA, Inc. Image Library – New Page Now Available!
• New Shroud Radiocarbon Paper by Prof. Timothy Jull & A Detailed Response by Mark Oxley
• British Society for the Turin Shroud (BSTS) December 2010 Newsletter Added
• Shroud Speakers Directory Page Updated
• Spanish Language Section of FAQ Page Updated
Links To More Information Page Updated
• 1993 Rome Conference Videos Now Online
• More on the 2010 Lima Shroud Conference and A New Online Shroud Course From Peru
• Frascati Workshop Proceedings Available
• Recent Shroud Conference In Fatima, Portugal
• Head of Portuguese Royal House Knights Barrie Schwortz
“The Real Face of Jesus” Program Goes Global – Prints From Program Now Available Online
• New Shroud Books
• Upcoming Shroud Lectures
• News From STERA, Inc.
• Some Interesting Statistics From 2010
• The Next Update

To view all the items listed above, go here.



The Shroud of Turin Website
Pulse on Jesus


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  1. Debra Perkoski

    Barrie, your work and that of the team is terrific. You help people realize the Shroud is not about death but about life. Please continue to bring forth what the Shroud means to everyone you can.

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