Study: Women With Large Breasts Are Smarter

Study: Women With Large Breasts Are Smarter

Mar 26


By Terrence Aym
March 25, 2011

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A study by a Chicago university sociologist of 1,200 women found that large-breasted women tend to have higher intelligence. The study divided the women into five groups ranging from virtually flat-chested to extra-large breasts.

The results revealed that the big-breasted women had an overall higher I.Q.—about 10 points—than the lesser endowed members of the study. The women with average sized breasts also beat out those that were in the smallest size group.

Big-Chested, Blonde And Dumb

The study’s surprising results fly in the face of the accepted societal construct that most intelligent women are dark-haired, slim and small-breasted. Add a pair of glasses to that image and you have the stereotypical intellectual female professor or librarian.

Society has also depicted women such a glamor queen and sex-goddess Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and Jane Russell as sexy but dumb. Yet all who knew them personally attested the three were very smart women.

Unhappy Women

Surveys of women about their appearance have shown that about 42 percent are unhappy with the way they look. For many, their breast size is the first change they’d make. It doesn’t seem to matter the social-economic group, educational level, or their careers, their breast size remains the number one issue.

Add to that self-perception that most men want to date, live with and marry big-breasted women and it’s easy to see why many women feel like that.

Preferences Of Men

Other research studies in the past have shown that most men prefer larger-breasted women. The researchers of those studies concluded that the preference for well-endowed females was somehow linked to natural selection.

A leading research website found that just 17% of 1,650 male respondents thought the idea breast size for a woman is below a C cup. A whopping 83 percent wanted a woman with larger, or significantly larger breasts.

On the other hand, only 26 percent said that the smallest size they would even consider was a B cup, while 20 percent admitted that breast size was the most important consideration they had when seeking a mate.

Genetics And Hormones

The Chicago sociologists believe their study suggests intelligent men prefer larger-breasted women for reproductive partners because the offspring from the union would be more likely to produce higher intelligence children and pass on the genes for large breasts to girls and higher intelligence to both sons and daughters.

Other sociologists speculate that the correlation between breast size and intelligence might be linked to female sex hormones that help determine the size, shape and firmness of the breast and also tend to result in better development of the brain.

Some women with smaller breasts might hold out hope that breast enhancement can boost their intelligence. Unfortunately, no such evidence exists to support that idea, although a formal study has never been done.



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  1. Melissa

    Awful article. Just throwing around numbers and correlations is not enough to show causation. This kind of article gives evolution a bad name. Those sociologists are dangerous too. People can see the stupidity of using evolution as an easy explanation and therefore they won’t trust the truly rigorous experiments relating to evolution.

  2. Fredderick

    I think IQ tests are a horrible way to measure one’s intelligence. Puzzles presented both with toys/equipment and real-life situations should play an important role in determining a person’s level of intelligence.

    While some women with larger breasts may be able to retain information from a book a bit better it does not prove that they have the ability to fill out a tax form without help. I’ve seen some of my friends (who yes, have large breasts and would be classified as intelligent by this flimsy scale) who had issues doing so. There were also several situations where I’ve encountered scientific puzzles are a museum where the individuals who were able to solve these puzzles quickest were several “poorly-endowed” women.

    Absurd. I stand by the old standard. It’s my opinion.

  3. Tammy

    Wow, so not only does my A cup make me less desirable, but now I am also not considerably intelligent due to this lack of rack. Some way to make a woman feel. It’s no wonder we are so self concious.

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