Suicidal Woman Describes Life-Changing NDE

Suicidal Woman Describes Life-Changing NDE

Sep 26


A suicidal woman (AtheistProphet2010) describes her life-changing near-death experience…




Pulse on Near-Death Experiences



  1. Christina

    You are a brave person, and I want you to know that I believe in you. I hope the best for you & for you to have happiness in this life. No one is better than the other. You are a strong person for your past, and nothing will ever change that. I just hope you stay in this life to have some peace with your past. I wish this for you.

    I know that when you feel suicidal it is your sense of control where no one can take that choice away from you. I hope things are never so bad that you do so though. I want peace for you.

  2. Dear GOD! Why did you bother posting this boring tedious ‘NDE’? All I heard (and right up until 4 minutes before end of Part 2 – couldn’t stand anymore), was that she saw her dead uncle, whilst in an hullacenegenic state, by the way, and she saw ‘black’. Oh, and that she did a lot more drugs , embraced Bhuddism, and by the looks of it, got a boob job, despite being ‘horribly sexually abused’ as a child.

    Please don’t waste your subscribers’ time with any more yawnfests like these. There are literally thousands of many more INTERESTING NDE accounts out there.

  3. valerie elizabeth sumner

    Well, i did listen to what she had to say, and yes she is still under a lot of stress, and has a heap of nerves, but who is to say she is not telling the truth, i also had a nde in UK where i was born, i had pneumonia & pleurisy, and left my body, and went through the black tunnel and saw the blue & white light at the end, and have had many obe’s, and seen the future, also saved a woman from taking a flight on a Comet aircraft, i had a vision and saw the lot, even her ticket number, i stopped her from taking that flight, she is alive, 82 people are dead.

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