TED: ‘Eleanor Longden: The Voices In My Head’

TED: ‘Eleanor Longden: The Voices In My Head’

Aug 15



To all appearances, Eleanor Longden was just like every other student, heading to college full of promise and without a care in the world. That was until the voices in her head started talking. Initially innocuous, these internal narrators became increasingly antagonistic and dictatorial, turning her life into a living nightmare. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, hospitalized, drugged, Longden was discarded by a system that didn’t know how to help her. Longden tells the moving tale of her years-long journey back to mental health, and makes the case that it was through learning to listen to her voices that she was able to survive.



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Learning from the Voices in My Head (book)



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  1. Joseph Dillard

    From the perspective of someone who interviews voices inside people’s heads professionally, I can tell you that it is always worth a try and is generally beneficial, with two rare exceptions: If people won’t or can’t get into role, it doesn’t work; if the voices are chronically malicious and malevolent and want to stay that way, and crowd out alternative, healthy voices, then it doesn’t work. Those people first need antipsychotics to quiet the power of those voices down so other, healthier perspectives can be heard.

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