The Healing Power of Mother Earth

The Healing Power of Mother Earth

Mar 28



The Healing Power of Mother Earth

Posted anonymously on Facebook, here is some very, very good advice. It has helped me many times to calm down, heal, regenerate, reconnect with myself and God, and discover answers to challenging situations. Many near-death experiencers also report that reconnecting with nature helps them reconnect with The Source of life that they encountered on the other side.

At times when overwhelm takes over all your senses and you cannot see a clear path or which way to go there is something quite simple that can bring a sense of comfort and ease.

Lie on the earth and intently breathe it in.
Snooze under a tree.
Spend more time in water.
Sit under the stars outside your home.

Slow down your breath and breathe in the elements of nature.
Take long slow out breaths.

Nature adapts and balances itself.
Tune in and breathe.



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  1. Since I am a soon-to-be pagan, I need to head outdoors more. The goddess would appreciate that.

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