The Make Everything OK Button

The Make Everything OK Button

Aug 05


Having a rough day, a rough month, a rough life? Want to make everything better by taking a simple pill, or pushing a little button? Today is your day! CLICK HERE to make everything better…



  1. What a great idea… I love this! I pushed the button and now everything is ok!

  2. Carol Ayers

    I love it. Beats Staples easy button. Still need to reset my perception of objective reality, though, since everything is still not ok. Hmmmm…need to think about it.

  3. Clint Summer

    Now that I figured out you have to click on [Click Here] rather than on the button . . .

    My evaluation is: close, and I prefer:

    If everything is still not OK, try questioning your perception of (projections onto) “reality.”

    I might also add: If a part of you still insists that everything is not okay, try being compassionately present with that “self,” offering reassurance that you’re committed to staying present and conscious of her/his well-being.

    Thanks for this opportunity to reflect on how we project – and are hence each ultimately responsible for – our experience of life and “the world.”

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