The Seventh Annual Spiritual Retreat For Near-Death Experiencers

The Seventh Annual Spiritual Retreat For Near-Death Experiencers

Jan 14


The Seventh Annual Spiritual Retreat for Near-Death Experiencers
At the Mercy Center, Saint Louis, Missouri
April 27 – 30, 2012

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Please share this with all the NDErs you know.

Because of the profound nature of the experience and the common bond felt by those who have experienced an NDE, we come together to explore and share our challenges, our solutions to these challenges, and our gifts received from our NDEs, in a positive, supportive, and loving environment at an affordable price.

The retreat planning committee has been working hard. The main theme for this year’s retreat is a challenge most experiencers face from time to time. How do we broach the NDE and the LOVE we know, and then interact with family, friends and the world that do not remember where they came from? Also that naturally leads us to another question: How do we bridge the experience with ourselves, family, friends and the world, knowing they will most likely misunderstand our experience?

Spiritual Retreat for Near-Death Experiencers Mission

To help each other open to our unique light and self-realization through loving communication, encouragement and validation, which ultimately contributes knowledge and compassion throughout the world.

The retreat starts Friday April 27th at Dinner & Ends Monday April 30th at Noon. The Retreat will be here soon, and we are feeling the excitement starting to grow in anticipation with some of the feedback past participants have already given us.

Registration Is A Two-Step Process

1. Fill out and send the online registration form.

2. Complete the Payment section to finalize your registration.

We limit the number of registrations to 20-25 attendees so it feels like a retreat not a conference. If you plan on coming register NOW to save your space.

Cost includes single or double room at the Mercy Center, 9 delicious meals, 5 Breaks with snacks, use of walking trails, labyrinth, chapel, and all the empowering retreat programs.

Single room $360.00, Double room $318.00, Commuter $180.00 (meals only no lodging)

Please Pass this along to your NDE friends and groups that could use a safe place to share and integrate their experience.

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