The Shared Crossing Project

The Shared Crossing Project

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The Shared Crossing Project

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The Shared Crossing Project’s mission is to raise awareness and educate people about the profound and healing experiences available to the dying and their loved ones. Participants in the Shared Crossing Project will deepen relationships with loved ones while preparing for a more conscious death and dying experience, ultimately alleviating anxiety and fear around life’s greatest mystery.

Through safe and supportive experiential groups and individual and family counseling, we engage in meaningful conversations about end-of-life, shared death, and afterlife experiences.

We educate, train, and support research regarding our Shared Death Experience Facilitation Protocols and other SCP programs.


To create a personal and collective understanding — a deeply felt knowledge — that there is no death. This knowing will alleviate the fear and anxiety in previously held, limiting beliefs about the end of life, death, dying, and the afterlife. This shift in consciousness will allow people to live more fully, with joy, meaning, compassion, and love.

The Shared Crossing Project (SCP) raises awareness about the wonderful gift a conscious death can be for the dying and their loved ones. Through group and individual sessions, the Shared Crossing Project awakens people to the true nature of their consciousness so that the dying feel peace and their loved ones live more fully with joy, compassion, meaning, and love.

Founded by William Peters, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, the Shared Crossing Project offers education and counseling for individuals and families interested in exploring the potential in the end of life. Several times a year, the Shared Crossing Project holds a variety of groups, workshops, and trainings in Santa Barbara, California.


The Birth of the Shared Death Experience Facilitation Protocols 

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William Peters writes:

In October 2009 I attended a workshop at the Omega Institute titled “Soul Survival.” Raymond Moody, the man who had introduced the Western world to the Near Death Experience in decades previous, introduced his new research on the Shared Death Experience (SDE).

As he expounded on the SDE, my body began to tingle and shake. I knew exactly what he was talking about because I had had these experiences with various patients during my time as a hospice volunteer a decade earlier. Most profound was a realization that hit me like a thunderbolt and shook me to my core, “I know how to make this experience happen for the dying and their loved ones. I know how to facilitate this experience.” It was as if hearing Raymond Moody’s description of the SDE turned a lever and the universe downloaded into me the Protocols to facilitate the SDE for the dying and their loved ones.

Upon returning home, I crafted and elaborated the SDE Facilitation Protocols. The structure of this model seemed clear: there are three sequential steps. Steps one and two required that I find and synthesize the appropriate resources. Step three, the Golden Protocols, came to me, in a general form, when I heard Raymond Moody first explain the SDE. In a relatively short time, I developed a user-friendly curriculum.

There are sequential three steps:

1) Educate people about what actually happens in the death and dying process;

2) Engage people in end-of-life practices that would prepare the dying and their loved ones for a “good death;”

and 3) Teach people the Linking Protocols, or the specific exercises that would allow for the dying and their loved ones to establish a link — or, if need be, reconnect — so that the loved one(s) could enter into the initial stages of the afterlife with the dying.

After establishing the Protocols, I began practicing them with friends and interested acquaintances. The loved ones reported a variety of SDE-type experiences: a change in the time-space continuum, witnessing the spirit in various forms leaving the body of the dying, seeing brilliant beams of light entering the room of the dying, experiencing sublime feelings of love and peace. While these experiences were profound for the loved ones, and they expressed gratitude for the Protocols, I was still unclear as to the value of the Protocols.

Then a breakthrough occurred when a woman, who we will call Sandy, nearing her own end of life, contacted me to learn about the Protocols. Sandy said that her loved ones were not interested in spiritual matters and so they would not practice the Protocols. I taught Sandy the Protocols over a two, hour-long phone conversations.

Two weeks after Sandy’s death, her daughter called me and said, “I know you were working with my mom on some spiritual things. I wanted to share with you what happened to me on the night of my mother’s death. In the middle of the night I was pulled from my bed. At first I resisted because I did not want to die, but in the distance I saw a child with blonde hair who I thought was my own, so I went to see my child. As I approached, she turned to me and I realized it was my mother. She looked radiant and smiled at me saying, ‘You see, I’m fine. I will be with you always. I love you. Now go back and care for your children.’”

This experience confirmed to me the value in the Protocols.

Since then I have taught the Protocols to individuals and families in both private sessions as well as in small-group formats. Participants reported that the Protocols have deepened their relationships with loved ones, opened their understanding to the meaningful experiences available during the dying process, and awakened them a commitment to live their lives more fully in the here and now.

One participant who finished the SDE Facilitation Protocols training with his father said, “The experience (Protocols Training) was so profound and meaningful for my relationship with my father that I don’t even need to have the SDE… Of course, I want to have the SDE, but the training itself was incredibly valuable on its own.”

Now, with the assistance of many wonderful and wise supporters, SCP and the Family Therapy Institute are collaborating to create the Shared Crossing Research Initiative to study and verify the efficacy of these and other SDE Facilitation Protocols. The best is yet to come as we now apply scholarly methodologies to assess the veracity of these protocols.



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