The VisionQuest Game

The VisionQuest Game

Feb 10


By David Sunfellow

Several years ago, I created a website for an innovative divination game that some friends and I have been perfecting over the years. I have finally redone that website, modernizing it and making it much more user-friendly. The new website contains updated photos of the game, descriptions of how the game is played, and lists of recommended game decks, both handmade and commercial.

What makes this particular guidance tool different from other age-old divination systems is that it marries four principles that have emerged and merged during our particular time period: it combines the wisdom of diverse spiritual traditions; it draws upon the life experience, knowledge, and intuition of individual players; it evokes the power of group consciousness and prayer; and it encourages people to infuse the game with deeper meanings by creating their own game decks, rules and rituals.

Along with creating this particular version of the game, I have also played it many times over the years and found it to be amazingly helpful. I hope many of you will pay close attention to this and make your own versions. When you, and your family and friends, face moments in your life when you need help figuring out what your next step is, this game can be invaluable:

Here’s hoping at least a few of you will take this for a spin — and that those of you who do, find it as helpful as I have!


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  1. I love this and we’ll all use it, my family members have done our own version for so long. We use dreams, daily experiences and intuitive readings for each other. Also, I created a working journal for people to use visual imagery to develop their own way of doing intuitive/psychic readings, called ILLUMINARA INTUITIVE JOURNAL with CARDS. So I love that you’re providing tools to help people develop their own abilities!

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