Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dec 10

Today’s Quote:

“Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.”

— Benjamin Franklin

Today’s Most Important Stories & Related Resources:

Integral Life Weekly Member Update
Does Death Exist? New Theory Says ‘No’ (Huffington Post)
Recession Helping Couples To Value Marriage More (The Catholic Spirit)
Nightline on James Arthur Ray Sweat Lodge Incident
Pulse Resource Page: James Arthur Ray Sweat Lodge Incident

First Decade Of 21st Century Set To Be Warmest On Record (AFP/Reuters)
New Study Warns That Sea Level Could Rise Much Faster Than Previously Expected (ScienceDaily)
56 newspapers from 45 countries call for action from world leaders on climate change
EPA Announces Greenhouse Gases Threaten Public Health & Welfare Of American People (EPA)
‘Climategate’ Scientists Receive Death Threats (EnvironmentalResearchWeb)
In Face of Skeptics, Experts Affirm Climate Peril (NYT)
Climate Denial Industry Efforts To Dupe Public Working (The Guardian)
Timeline of Climate Change Science and Politics (NYT Interactive Feature) and expose a systematic, well-funded anti-climate change campaign to con the public
NHNE on Climate Change (news feed, primers, videos, authoritative websites, skeptic-watch websites, blogs, reports)

Brain Listens, Learns While We Sleep (Futurity)
Greatest Advances in Anti-Aging for 2009 (Methuselah Foundation)
NHNE On Aging & Anti-Aging (current research, news reports, websites)
H1N1 May Be Mildest Pandemic On Record (MSNBC)
NHNE Swine Flu Resource Page

Mystery Spiral Blue Light Display Hovers Above Norway (Daily Mail)
Virgin Galactic Unveils Commercial Spaceship (AP)
Obama To Mention Afghan War In Peace Prize Speech (Reuters)

Apple Tablet Gearing Up For March 2010 Release (PC World)
Artificial Intelligence Pioneers Reunite (NYT)
Google Chrome for Mac available today in beta

Today’s Most Important Links & Websites:

Visions now available on DVD (features Barbara Marx Hubbard, Freeman Dyson, Bruce Lipton, Jean Houston and others)
• Great Christmas gift: CD of Findhorn’s “The New Troubadours”
Findhorn’s “The New Troubadours” on MySpace (Be sure to listen to “Change Can Come”)
Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks on Conscious Loving Relationships (13 videos)
Sounds True Videos now on YouTube (26 videos)
New Website now accepting reservations to view the Shroud of Turin April 10, 2010 through May 23, 2010
Interesting and embarrassing moments in Jehovah Witness History
Legal group representing Sedona sweat lodge victims

• Shinzen Young – TalksInterviewsWebsite
How & Why Shinzen Became a Monk (video)
3 Key Moments for Shinzen Young (video)
Inside Shinzen’s Brain (video)
On Enlightenment: An Interview with Shinzen Young

Recent Additions & Updates This Website:

Shinzen Young Resource Page
• Added PhilosophersNotesTV and @foratv to Integral Video Hubs resource page
• Added @GaianCollective to Twitter Dynamos page
Robert & Diane Masters: The Four Stages Of Relationship (videos)

Today’s Recommended Books:

Climate Cover-Up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming by James Hoggan and Richard Littlemore
Doubt is Their Product: How Industry’s Assault on Science Threatens Your Health by David Michaels

Today’s Featured Video: Why Bank Of America Fired Me

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