Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dec 22

Today’s Quote:

“… Each one of us is probably nowhere near as alone as we imagine ourselves to be. We may be pioneers. We may be being disruptive in our way and in our own spheres. But there is probably a huge yet-to-be-discovered network of people who are nursing similar ideas and ideals, working in their own way, waiting to be found. We may feel like we are crawling head down alone, but I am beginning to warm up to the notion that if we open our eyes and look up and out, we may very well find more brilliant and capable allies than we ever could have imagined.”

— Tami Simon, founder of Sounds True, from a blog entitled, “Until Now!”

Today’s Most Important Stories & Related Resources:

• Must Read: Tami Simon reports on an inspiring four-day conference on “Catalyzing Conscious Capitalism” (11/17/09)
• July-August, 2010 2nd Biennial Integral Theory Conference now accepting registrations
• Integral Life: Hollywood & The Integral Tipping Point
• Ray Kurzweil Predicts How Technology Will Change Humanity By 2020 (NY Daily News)
What Ray Kurzweil said would happen by 2009 and what has actually happened (NY Daily News)
• NHNE Ray Kurzweil Resource Page
• John Dominic Crossan: Is The God Of The Christian Bible Violent? (MP3) – (pdf)
Evangelical Church Opens Doors To Gays (AP)

• Associated Press climate change diagrams – CO2 by nation; warming indicators; pledges
NASA Multimedia Demonstrates Recent Breakthroughs In Greenhouse Gas Research
Inside details on Obama’s climate change meeting with Wen, Lula, Singh and Zuma (Chicago Sun-Times)
Full Text of the Copenhagen Accord

• Tiger Woods, Person Of The Year (a nod to all the men who played us for suckers this past decade)
• Marriage Is Alive & Well Around The World (Psychology Today)
• The End Of Handwriting (Miller-McCune)
• First time ever seen: Undersea Volcano Eruptions Caught On Video
James Cameron’s New 3-D Epic Could Change Film Forever (Wired)
‘Avatar’ Opens To $232M Worldwide – the “highest original content (non-sequel, non-franchise) opening weekend ever”

• U.S. Drinking Water Widely Contaminated (Scientific American)
• Drugs Found In Drinking Water (AP, from March of 2007)
NHNE Body Burden (pollution in bodies) Resource Page
• Pregnant Women Develop Emotion-Reading Superpowers (New Scientist)
Scientists Crack ‘Entire Genetic Code’ Of Cancer (BBC)

• WordPress 2.9 Now Available
• YouTube’s Most Watched Videos From 2009 (YouTube)
• Apple’s Next Media Frontier Will Be Streaming Video (Gadget Lab)
• Turn Your Car Into A Wireless Hotspot With Ford SYNC (Mashable)
About The “Iranian Cyber Army” Attack On Twitter (The Sun)
The Man Behind @Mashable (The Telegraph)

Today’s Most Important Links & Websites:

How December 25 Became Christmas (Biblical Archaeology Review)
• Integral Rising Resource Page (integral introductions, graphics, charts, diagrams, glossaries, interviews, etc.)
• Integral NHNE: Shadow Work
• FREE ebook: Enhance Your Dream Life: Sleep Better, Dream More, Live Your Purpose by Ryan Hurd
• Breathtaking Wallpapers from David Sunfellow’s Photo Blog
• Fed up with slow, crashing browsers? Google Chrome could be the answer – Why Chrome Is So GreatDownload
• WordPress online video tutorial series on sale this month for just $9.95 – “WordPress 101”

Recent Additions & Updates This Website:

The Next US (inspiring story with videos)
Shinzen Young Resource Page

Today’s Recommended Book:

Integral Life Practice Book by Ken Wilber, Terry Patten, Adam Leonard, and Marco Morelli

Today’s Featured Video: Pandora Discovered

Sigourney Weaver narrates this first look at the world of Pandora, as portrayed in James Cameron’s epic new motion picture, Avatar.

Avatar Website
Pandorapedia, the official guide to the world of Pandora and James Cameron’s Avatar
“I See You” (Theme from Avatar) by Leona Lewis in HD (music video)
• Avatar on YouTube (28 video clips and counting)
Soundtrack from Avatar

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