UFO Researcher Seeks Eyewitness Accounts

UFO Researcher Seeks Eyewitness Accounts

Feb 17



By Klark Byrd
Sydney Sun-Telegraph
February 17th, 2011

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SIDNEY – There is an ages-old question more than a few men have spent their lives trying to answer: Are we alone in the cosmos?

Robert Hastings believes we are not.

And, he has compiled more than 120 eyewitness reports over nearly 40 years that say there isn’t just life out there – it has been here to visit.

Hastings is a UFO sightings researcher, the operator of UFOHastings.com and the author of “UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters At Nuclear Weapons Sites,” who says western Nebraska is no stranger to UFO visits — primarily driven by the density of missile sites in the area.

His research on the matter brought him to the Nebraska Panhandle in December of last year after he received numerous accounts of UFO sightings near the F.E. Warren Air Force Base missile field. During his four-day stay, he collected testimony from Sidney, Potter and Kimball residents.

“I have received over a dozen sighting reports in western Nebraska and southeast Wyoming near missile sites,” Hastings told The Sidney Sun-Telegraph in a telephone interview.

Those reports suggest that cigar-, cylindrical-, or triangle-shaped flying objects hovered near missile sites, or were seen flying or turning at speeds no known human aircraft could.

It’s a national phenomenon that’s captured the minds and imaginations of Americans since at least July 1947 when the infamous Roswell, N.M., crash, controversially believed to be a UFO, flooded national headlines. It’s been an interest of the U.S. Air Force since at least 1952, when Project Blue Book was commissioned to study UFO reports.

“I began seeking out and interviewing former Air Force personnel in 1973,” Hastings said. “I felt I had enough evidence that by 1981, I went out on the college lecture circuit to raise public awareness about the reality of the situation.”

And he’s still speaking, most recently appearing at the National Press Club in September of 2010 with former U.S. service men for a press conference on the existence of UFOs and alien interest in Earth’s nuclear weapons.

That’s an interest Hastings believes the government is still investigating.

“The closure of Project Blue Book was a clever slight of hand in ’69,” he said. “They were trying to draw media attention away from the fact these investigations were going on. What they didn’t say — and still don’t admit to today — is the national security-related cases were never a part of the Blue Book system.”

The researcher cites cases such as those reported from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota in the mid-’60s. Reports say strange objects hovered in the sky over missile silos, sometimes creating display panel trouble for the officers monitoring the system, and once they nearly triggered a launch.

And Minot is not alone in those events.

“We know further that the former Soviet Union was experiencing the same kind of incursions at their nuclear weapon sights,” Hastings said. “Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, a number of ex-Soviet Army personnel came forward and began discussing their involvement in similar incidents in that country during the Cold War era.

“One of those events occurred on Oct. 4, 1982 … when a disc-shaped UFO apparently hovered over a nuclear missile base for an extended period of time,” he added. “At one point during the encounter, a number of nuclear missiles suddenly activated. Fortunately after 15 seconds, the activation ceased.”

Speculation on interest in Earth’s nuclear weapons suggests extraterrestrial concern about the planet’s welfare, according to Hastings.

“They are monitoring a very dangerous situation,” he said. “This tampering could be their way of monitoring both Washington and Moscow, but that’s purely my speculation.”

Hasting’s pursuit of testimony regarding UFOs is fueled by a belief that the American people have a right to know what’s going on in our skies.

“When I’m pushing the envelope on this, I am not in any way, shape or form condemning the Air Force or Washington for secrecy,” he said. “At the same time, living in an open, democratic society … I think there is a legitimate question about the right to know.”

He continues to seek eyewitness reports from this area. Identities and accounts will be kept confidential, pending eyewitness permission for use.

“It’s unfortunate that all of the witnesses are unwilling to use their identity in reports, but I understand,” he said. “The ridicule factor is alive and well.”

To report UFO activity to Hastings, e-mail him at ufohastings@aol.com.



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