Unsolved Mysteries: Ice Woman

Unsolved Mysteries: Ice Woman

Dec 23





NHNE Pulse On Extraordinary Human Capabilities
NHNE On Extraordinary Human Capabilities



  1. Dave Haith

    A wonderful story.
    I am prepared to believe that the directed thoughts of her friends might affect her recovery in way we do not yet understand.
    But the concept these people have of a God who responds because several people plead for a recovery is quite ludicrous and an insult to intelligence.
    The ‘other people’ said to have died the same night in similar circumstances presumably met their end because no group of people formed a prayer chain to ask for them to live!
    I wonder how many people praying moves God into doing something…..
    Four or five? Two or three? No not enough, let them die, says God.
    If these religious screwballs want to believe they are puppets manipulated by some ruthless dictator – let them.
    But don’t try to persuade me to accept such medieval superstition.

  2. Alan

    The formula for prayer is as follows:

    Number of prayers multiplied by length of prayer in minutes multiplied by degree of grovelling (from 0 to 10) to make sure that God doesn’t get angry and kill the person.

    A score of over 273 will usually encourage God to save you (but don’t forget to deduct fifteen for every person who prays who has blasphemed in the last forty-nine days).

    Praise be!

  3. Think of God as The Field that surrounds each and every one of us. We vibrate The Field through our emotions. When we are depressed and have unhappy thoughts charged with our emotions we draw certain experiences to us … If we vibrate The Field with thoughts emotionally charged with ecstatic joy we attract higher vibrational experiences to ourselves. So maybe it is not God but us who create our lives and experiences. When people pray with great emotion they charge or vibrate The Field. Who knows what could happen. Check it out. Prayer is powerful!

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