NDE: Blind Woman Describes Fascinating Near-Death Experience

NDE: Blind Woman Describes Fascinating Near-Death Experience

Aug 29

Vicky Blavon was born blind. In this Coast-To-Coast interview Vicky describes what it was like to experience sight for the first time. Then she goes on to describe encounters with Jesus, moving through hellish and heavenly realms, and being told she couldn’t stay on the other side because she was to become a mother and teach unconditional love and forgiveness. Jesus, according to Vicky, also told her to tell others about him and her experience: “let them know of this day and tell them that I AM”…



For more information about near-death experiences, go here.



  1. This first video in the series is so fascinating! It’s really too bad the the others have been removed, so we can’t watch them. I wonder if this can be corrected in any way?

  2. Hi Bonnie! I’ve updated the links to this series, so you can watch all three again on Pulse. Thanks for making me aware of this problem!

  3. Terry

    Great recount. This is the first blind person NDE I’ve heard, although their existance has been reported in the literature. Did the being that said “I AM” say that he was Jesus? Christians will recognise the connection. I also remember the words that Jesus said to Mary after his ressrection, “Touch me not, for I have not yet ascended to my Father….”. As in this NDE, there is a time to touch and a time not to touch.

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