Videos: The Real Superhumans

Videos: The Real Superhumans

Oct 24


Discovery Channel

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The Real Superhumans reveals the amazing stories of people with extraordinary super powers. But just who are these superhumans?

Follow four cases of what are described as “real life superhuman abilities”. ‘Iceman’ can run on snow in freezing conditions for hours without getting frostbite, hypothermia or even feeling any pain. ‘The Blind Painter’ is a gifted artist despite being born without eyes, and ‘The Human Calculator’ can process information at the speed of lightning just using his own brain.

For each amazing story the world’s leading geneticists, biologists, futurists and inventors reveal their startling perspectives on these super powers, and the implications of these powers on future generations.

The Iceman has broken two world records to prove his endurance of cold temperatures. He once spent more than an hour buried up to his neck in ice.

One of the superhumans is a synaesthete. Synaesthesia is an extremely rare neurological condition characterized by the fusing of senses.

The original explanation for the abilities of these people was that it was due to their genetic makeup. However, it has also been found that a person’s state of mind and stress can affect epigenetic encoding.




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  1. Robert

    I saw most of this somehow. Totally fascinating. The ice guy was amazing. And the blind artist was also quite remarkable. Why isn’t there more study of these sorts of individuals?

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