A Vision of Global Suicide

A Vision of Global Suicide

Oct 26

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  1. Simon Limbrick

    To me, it is not difficult to see what this picture depicts. Taking its title, Global Suicide’ as its theme, two points are most striking.
    Firstly, the gun represents the pressure we, as a race, are putting on ourselves. It deals with not only the individual disrespect we have for ourselves, but also the disregard we have for the resources our own planet can provide for us.
    Our collective arrogance assures us the answers to our problems can be found through the application of our own inventive minds’. Our saviour’s name is ‘technology’. As is always the case with our attempts to restore a measure of balance and survival, we realise too late that what we are doing only adds to the waste and misery we are trying to abolish.
    Mother nature, whose restorative prowess is only just beginning to be realised, is finding she no longer has the tools to correct Man’s interference.

    Our population is increasing disproportionally to the world’s ability to provide an ever evolving safety net to rescue us from our own arrogance.

    The future is definitely not bright.

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