Vitamin D Resource Page

Vitamin D Resource Page

Sep 29


Vitamin D Is More Effective Than Flu Vaccine, Study Says (09/29/19)
Your Greatest Weapon Against Breast Cancer (Not Mammograms) (03/03/12)
Dealing With Too Little Sunlight & The Winter Blues (11/13/11)
Vitamin D Deficiency Common In Cancer Patients (10/04/11)
Lack Of Vitamin D Linked To Muscle Injuries & Alzheimer’s (07/19/11)
Aggressive Breast Cancer Linked To Low Levels Of Vitamin D (05/03/11)
Multiple Sclerosis Caused By Vitamin D Deficiency (05/03/11)
• Vitamin D Really Does Prevent Cancer, Autoimmune Diseases (09/03/10)
Vitamin D Shrinks Cancer Cells (02/22/10)
Low Levels Of Vitamin D May Lead To Major Health Issues (11/16/09)
Breast Cancer Risk ‘Virtually Eradicated’ By Elevated Vitamin D Levels (11/05/09)
Important: Swine Flu: What To Do? (10/11/09)
Important: Using Vitamin D To Fight Swine Flu (& Other Influenza Infections) (09/29/09)
Lack Of Sunlight Linked To Male Infertility (10/20/2008)
Sunlight: Vitamin D Health Benefits Versus Skin Cancer (8/14/2008)
Sunlight Cuts Risk Of Many Cancers (10/21/2007)
Dairy Consumption Linked To Breast, Prostate Cancer (10/20/2007)
Vitamin D May Contribute To Longer Lives (9/19/2007)
Vitamin D Cuts Cancer Risk (6/9/2007)
Two New Studies Back Vitamin D For Cancer Prevention (2/6/2007)
Sunshine May Beat Winter Illnesses (11/6/2006)
Surviving Epidemics With Natural Treatments (5/30/2006)
The Pill That Prevents Cancer (12/28/2005)
Sunshine May Prevent Cancer (5//22/2005)


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• Can A Super-Dose Of Vitamin D Cut Hospital Stays? (Futurity)
• Vitamin D Halts Growth of Breast Cancer Tumors (NaturalNews)
Vitamin D Is Nutritional Key For Prevention Of Breast Cancer (NaturalNews)
Vitamin D Prevents Breast Cancer (NaturalNews)
Vitamin D Prevents Heart Disease (NaturalNews)
It’s Winter – Do You Know Where Your Vitamin D Is? (NaturalNews)
Sunlight Emerging As Proven Treatment For Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer And Other Cancers (NaturalNews)


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