Wikipedia On Geologist Jim Berkland

Wikipedia On Geologist Jim Berkland

Mar 20



Jim Berkland is a retired geologist who worked six years for the U.S. Geological Survey. He was also the first County Geologist for Santa Clara County (in northern California) and was in that position for twenty-one years. He has published over fifty scientific papers. He has been a popular guest on many network news programs and talk shows on the subject of earthquake prediction. Berkland claims he has developed a method for predicting earthquakes, and on his web site and in a monthly newsletter, he lays out a detailed set of signs and precursors that he uses for his predictions. He also lists dozens of major earthquakes he claims to have predicted…

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  1. Anita

    To: Jim Berkland

    I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Back in the 70’s I predicted that a major earthquake, NOT centered in Calgary, would destroy much of downtown Calgary. As well the district known as Eau Claire (a rich district by the river) will be wiped out. All the banking centres and their information in downtown Calgary will be wiped out. The “Bay” store , centre of downtown will be destroyed.

    It is now 2012, and the time has gotten very near. I cannot pinpoint a date. I cannot even pinpoint where. Could possibly be in the foothills on west side of Calgary, or Rocky Mountains of Banff which is about 70 miles away.

    Calgary is the hub of the oil and gas industry in Canada. The mineral information will not be totally destroyed because backups of all land holdings that are Crown are held in Edmonton. Anything that is Freehold owned will be impossible to retrieve, except through the honesty of other people.

    Edmonton will become the new capital of Alberta, instead of Calgary.

    I have seen the devestation many times in my mind.

    Has anyone else seen this eathquake in their mind? When I could afford insurance, I always asked for earthquake insurance. My insurance guy always laughed at me, and said as far as he knew only 2 other people in our city of over a million people had ever asked for earthquake insurance.

    Anita Bozak

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