Bio Channel Examines Child Memories of Past Lives

Bio Channel Examines Child Memories of Past Lives

Jul 20




Bio Channel: The Ghost Inside My Child 

What if your child remembered dying in a past life? This special explores many parents most closely guarded secret: their child is a reincarnation of someone who died violently and came back to life. A young boy who remembers falling to his death on 9/11. A daughter haunted by recollections of dying in the Oklahoma City Bombing. A toddler terrified by nightmares of a gruesome end in World War II. These are just a few stories of parents struggling with the Ghost Inside My Child.



Bio Channel: The Ghost Inside My Child
Pulse on Past Life Research



  1. My wife and I really enjoyed watching this. The stories, especially that of James Leininger, were riveting. We were annoyed with the sensationalist camera work and music, as well as the constant after-commercial summarizing of each case. But they did tell the stories in an effective way.

  2. Hi Robert. That was my feeling too. Great stories that were unnecessarily cheapened by creepy music and special effects.

  3. Clint Summer

    Yes, despite the sensationalist editing, I couldn’t help being awed and moved by the stories. I’m reminded of what I learned about my brief marriage as I reflected on it much later in life: If there’s something that needs to be healed (resolved or completed), that’s what this relationship or life needs to be about – until that work is done. These parents and children had the good fortune of knowing what the real wounding experience was that they carried into their new lives. (It was many years and failed relationships before I discovered that for myself.) How do these things get resolved or healed? Ideally, there is a community of support – or at least a family – that can provide the acceptance, caring, compassion, respect (being finally taken seriously as James was)and presence as the wound is revisited as many times as needed. What do you need in order to feel that now you are okay, you are safe, you have control over yourself and your life? It’s creating a safe refuge from which to revisit the wounding experience. When the mind discovers that now our needs can be met, the present grows larger and more real, the past trauma becomes manageable, our minds stop regenerating the reaction and we can make peace with it.
    Thank you, David. Amazing that such memories can be carried into a new life, yet present-life trauma can be buried away for decades!

  4. James King

    Clint, past life trauma can remain buried for centuries. I have had traumatic memories from 1914, 16th century and 1200 BC to mention just a few.

  5. sara buffalo

    this is wonderful, I really appreciate being able to view it and hopefull people will accept those of us with the memories and realize we are special and showing everyone what can be and should be normal experiences for everyone.

  6. Sara

    I work with people every day as a clairvoyant healer. So much of what I do is validation and providing insight into their past lives. It is normal for these past life experiences to be mirroring or matching current life situation. It is truly amazing how many of our current life relationships are based off of kharma, spiritual contracts and agreements. Clint, you ask how do we heal this. There are a slew of healers in the world that can assist in looking at the pictures and clear any residual energy that may be blocking us from moving forward in our current lives. Look for healers that work from the BPI model or who preform Rose Readings.

  7. Susan

    I also was annoyed that the show focused on “Fear”. These were amazing experiences.

  8. Yeah, why do they always use creepy music for stuff like this? Most of these kids are exceptionally sunny, creative and bright. I think they send a message of hope rather than one people should fear.

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