NDE Documentary: ‘Commonalities of the Experience’

NDE Documentary: ‘Commonalities of the Experience’

Aug 19



This powerful documentary explores the commonalities of the near-death experience and its possible implications and meanings for us while we reside on this planet. It consists of near-death experiencers telling their stories.



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  1. Florian K

    Thank you so much for sharing, David!!

    I have had my own experience during a time of spiritual turbulence (some would say psychosis), and what I saw was exactly what is shown at 23:00!

    One could describe it as a tunnel with the most brilliant bright light at the end, and a feeling of love so intense that it is indeed indescribable with our human vocabulary. That, coupled with a heavenly sound of angels singing as I left my body and ascended upwards. Though I don’t recall anything else happening, as I was back in my body an instant later.

    Needless to say, I was stunned when I saw that part of this documentary, because of how accurate it was for my experience.

    So, thank you for sharing these messages of joy and hope, and doing the work you do at NHNE! I felt I had to give back to you by sharing part of my story.

    Love, always.

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