‘NDE Take-Aways’ by David Sunfellow (Updated, v1.1)

‘NDE Take-Aways’ by David Sunfellow (Updated, v1.1)

Oct 12




Here’s a summary of what David Sunfellow believes are the main “take-aways” provided by near-death experiences. This summary comes from a presentation that David gave in Sedona on January 27th called “How NDEs Are Changing The World“.

• Download a printable version of NDE Take-Aways (v1.1, pdf)


NDE Take-Aways v1.1
By David Sunfellow

1. The world is a dream.

2. We create our own realities, including our own versions of Heaven, Hell, and God. We do this alone and in cooperation with other souls who are at levels of development similar to our own.

3. While God appears to different people in different forms, most NDErs experience God as a profoundly personal Presence. He/She/It is aware of everything about us and is actively involved in our lives. Along with reporting that God is overwhelmingly loving, forgiving, and compassionate, many NDErs also report that God has a wonderful sense of humor.

4. While God is often experienced as a separate and distinct Being, almost all NDErs recognize that they are one with God, as is everything else. All life, in other words, is deeply connected. Many NDErs go a step further and feel themselves to be God. They experience the universe from God’s perspective, as if all creation is an extension of Themselves.

5. Because we are both God, and a part of God, we are all eternal. No one is ever lost.

6. Disabilities and limitations of all kinds are illusions. When we are free of our bodies and earth-bound consciousness, the godlike depth, breadth, and perfection of our true nature begins to reveal itself again.

7. The spiritual forces of life are the masters of this world. They have full command over its laws and can bend them at will. Miracles of all kinds are, therefore, possible when we touch, or are touched by, the Divine.

8. The purpose of life is to love.

9. The purpose of life in this world is to bring Heaven to Earth; to become perfect embodiments of our Divine nature.

10. Since we are one, we literally do to ourselves what we do to others. Most NDErs report that when they experience their life review, they relive everything not just from their perspective, but from the perspective of the people they were in relationship with. If they hit someone, for example, they relive that experience not just as the person delivering the blow, but also as the person receiving it.

11. We are held accountable for everything we think, feel and do — the more loving and kind we have been, the happier we and/or our spiritual guides are; the more unloving we have been, the unhappier we and/or our spiritual guides are.

12. While being held accountable for everything we think, feel, and do, we are completely loved, accepted, and understood.

13. The little things — a kind word, a tender smile, a gentle touch — are often held up as the most important acts of life.

14. The acquisition of money, fame, and power; the pursuit of materialistic goals; time spent doing things that primarily boost our egos, are usually revealed as a painful waste of time in life reviews.

15. We are all born with specific purposes to accomplish.

16. God is good, we are good, life is good, even the dark, hellish, and distressing aspects. Everything has been created to serve a glorious purpose — and that’s what is actually happening, whether or not it is clear to us.

17. We can experience many of the positive, life-deepening things that NDErs report by studying NDEs and putting into practice the core truths these experiences have to teach us.



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  1. always interested in the understanding of my NDE………thank you

  2. David James

    As an researcher myself into the phenomena, here is an interesting factoid: Other NDE researchers accept the phenomena across races and cultures, however it startling to observe NDErs are predominantly White, i.e. Caucasian; or perhaps is the phenomena reported by a Western White dominated media coloring the result?

    My observation is that this phenomena is predominantly and firstly and Western one, then a Caucasian one. If true, then there is a massive and spontaneous spiritual awakening happening in the Western world. Compare this to Asia, specifically India, were there is a concentration of extreme religion and practices. Using the yardstick of 13% of the Western Hemisphere population and/or Caucasians have experienced an NDE, it should translate to about 130mm people in India alone.
    I am hard pressed to fine 100 living people who have died and lived to tell the tale, even 50. There are some genuine NDE experiences reported , but not at the numbers of the West especially given the concentration of extreme spirituality and religion encountered on the Indian subcontinent. I have met with people who claim to have an NDE but in 60 seconds you can tell they are faking it.
    The status of Gurus, Yogis, Swamis and spiritual pundits is frought with mass delusion and self aggrandizement: They only repeat parrot like sacred texts on Death or chant mantras enmass- without any context to life in the 21st Century.
    Frankly, I am certain the reason they don’t speak about it, is that they really don’t know about various states of Samadhi. Some who do know about the phenomena, are not willing to accept the NDE experience outside of their own cultural penumbra and label it as a false positive. As a result, they do not integrate it into the spiritual practice or discourse.
    This lack of NDE genuine experience in India in higher numbers is perplexing; perhaps living in India is a life struggle and is a daily NDE experience!

  3. Bruce Greyson found NDErs in India and reported that instead of describing a tunnel, there was a line of souls leading to a person at a desk that had records on each one in line.
    The discrepancies that I have found both as a researcher and an NDEr that loves the NHNE websites, is that in the research, subjects Greyson and I worked with, do not complain as often about the troubles they have with the after effects like they do on these websites where they can give a silly name and a picture of their cat or something else that doesn’t give away their true identity.
    Before working with Dr. Greyson, I was an ICU Respiratory Therapist. My patients who were telling me about what they saw, felt and experienced when close to death — were black and white, male and female, old and young. Perhaps the black community (from what I heard) are more cautious about revealing their experiences. But from what I experienced as an NDEr, a public speaker on this subject, and as a health care provider, this is a universal experience.

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