Online PsiberDreaming Conference Starts This Sunday

Online PsiberDreaming Conference Starts This Sunday

Sep 23


By Amy E. Brucker
The Dream Tribe
September 22, 2011

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Starting this Sunday, I’ll be spending my time exploring a vast new city of cultural creatives where we’ll camp out, share dreams and visions, and then, two weeks later, vanish without a trace.

No, I’m not talking about Burning Man; I’m talking about the 10th annual PsiberDreaming Conference.

The conference is entirely online, hosted by the International Association for the Study of Dreams. This year’s theme is “Perspectives on Lucid Dreaming.”

Keynote Speakers

Keynotes include psychologist Fariba Bogzaran, founder of the Dream Studies program at John F Kennedy University, and Robert Bosnak, Jungian therapist and clinical psychologist.

Fariba will be speaking about hyperspace lucid dreams, those ineffable and ecstatic dreams that blast us out into non-dual territories.

Robert’s presentation centers on the Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary that is opening this fall in California. This integrative medical center incorporates dream incubation into its programs, inspired by the historic dream healing sanctuaries in Ancient Greece.

Two other notable presenters include Robert Waggoner, author of Lucid Dreaming: gateway to the inner self, and Jayne Gackenbach, co-author of Conscious mind, sleeping brain with Stephen LaBerge, and one of the most prolific lucid dream researchers to date.

That’s just scratching the surface: there’s over 25 presenters total.

Lucid Immersion

I am also presenting a new holistic blueprint for lucid dreaming, based on material from my soon-to-be-released project Lucid Immersion. Just like the best way for learning a language, you can go deeper with lucidity by saturating yourself in an environment where you eat, breathe and live lucid.

It’s really a meta-method, drawn from the wisdom of historic dreaming lore and the latest lucid dreaming research — the best of the old ways and the new. My presentation at PsiberDreaming focuses on emotional intelligence and it role in stabilizing lucid dreams.

An Online conference – how does that work?

The PsiberDreaming team has been leading social spaces on the web for 10 years. That’s Before Facebook (BF).

Essentially, during the two week conference — September 25-October 9 — new papers and workshops will be unlocked (made accessible) on a daily basis. Participants can join discussions in the dedicated private forums and ask the presenters direct questions.

Meanwhile, there’s a beehive of general discussion activity ongoing in the Dreamer’s Inn, and another area for dream sharing.

It’s not just text either: the conference will also display an online digital art gallery.

There will be contests, too, including the popular annual dream telepathy contest, as well as contests for mutual dreaming and other elements of paranormal dreaming.

Attend for free

The International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) has made an offer that if you become a member before October 9, you can attend the PsiberDreaming Conference for free.

Members of the IASD receive a yearly subscription to the peer-reviewed research journal Dreaming and the popular magazine DreamTime. Members also can rev up their dream education by participating in online study groups monitored by dream experts and researchers.

The conference costs $45 for general public. $40 for IASD members, and $30 for students with a current ID.

I hope you can join us this Sunday September 25 — October 9 for the PsiberDreaming Conference. It’s the only dream conference you can attend in your pajamas!

Here’s how to learn more.



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