Quote: Allan Watts

Quote: Allan Watts

Feb 22


“The next aspect of the mystical feeling is even more difficult to assimilate into our ordinary practical intelligence. It is the overwhelming sense that everything that happens — everything that I or anybody else has ever done — is part of a harmonious design and that there is no error at all.”

— Alan W. Watts




  1. I love Alan Watts’ writings. But “error” depends on perspective. Was the HOLOCAUST part of a harmonious design? From the perspective of the designer, perhaps not. From the perspective of the victims it was not so harmonious. Same thing with Pol Put, the North Korean Kims, Stalin’s Gulag, the millions who died in the Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan Wars, etc.

  2. Hi Stanley. The sentiment expressed in the quote from Alan Watts is deeply supported by near-death experiences, which insist that everything is, indeed, perfect. And that includes the many seemingly awful situations we encounter in life, including the ones you mentioned. How can this be? Check out this paper: The Light & The Life Review (v4.4, pdf) http://the-formula.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/The-Light-The-Life-Review-v4.4.pdf

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