Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Aug 02

Today’s Quote:

“The AQAL Code is the result of what started as The Human Consciousness Project. Similar to the Human Genome Project, the Consciousness Project was created to map every state of consciousness, personality type, meme, neurotransmitter from dopamine to serotonin, every synapse, PET distribution scan, meditation state, altered state, peak experience, neuropeptide, stage of consciousness, neuronal display, twitch, twinge, and tingle of the human mind, or psyche, or bodymind, or brain-mind, or whatever you want to call our being. The idea was to get a complete map of the human brain-mind — a composite map created by looking at every known culture and its psychological, spiritual, and scientific maps of the human psyche — going back thousands of years, and then using all of those partial maps to create a composite map of the full potentials of the total known territory of the human psyche to date.”

— Ken Wilber, The Many Faces Of Terrorism

Today’s Most Important Stories, Information & Links:

World’s Top Energy Economist: Oil Supplies Are Running Out Fast (The Independent)
NHNE Peak Oil Resource Page
British Cat Is Regular Bus Commuter (The Sun)
20 + Mind-Blowing Social Media Statistics
Swine Flu Vaccine: Government Grants Itself & Makers Immunity From Prosecution (US Intelligence Examiner)
More Scientology Defectors Come Forward With Accounts Of Abuse (St. Petersburg Times)
• Scientology Resources (videos, articles, links): On PulseOn NHNE
• Scientology on YouTube: Scientology ChannelAnti & Expose’ Scientology Videos
Rare Buddhist Treasures Unearthed In Gobi Desert (Big News Network)
@stuartdavis asks “How did [Ken’s presentation] go?” @jay_diggity answers: “It went really well. Ken seems at the top of his game again…”
• Photos of Ken Wilber at Boulder Integral (08/01/09): Facebook (75 photos) and here (1 photo)
Join The iEvolve Online Community & Interact With Hamilton, Diaz & Gafni
Nissan Unveils Innovative, All-Electric Car “Leaf” (TreeHugger)
Physicians Have The Highest Suicide Rate Of Any Occupation (Psychology Today)
Astronaut Wears Anti-Static, Flame-Resistant, Odour-Eating, Bacteria-Killing, Water-Absorbent Underwear For A Month (Times Online)

Today’s Recommended Book:

My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey by Ph.D., Jill Bolte Taylor

New Additions To Website:

Jill Bolte Taylor (My Stroke Insight): Links to Video, Book, NPR Interview, Wikipedia

Today’s Video: Nomali Perera Gives A Tour Of Boulder Integral

In September of 2008, four members of Integral Sedona’s Leadership Team — David Sunfellow, Carol Williamson, Charles Wells, and Steve Schliebs — made a trip to Boulder, Colorado to meet the movers and shakers at Integral Life / Integral Institute and Boulder Integral. While at Integral Life / Integral Institute, they met with CEO Robb Smith, Clint Fuhs, and Robert MacNaughton. Then they buzzed over to Boulder Integral and met with Jeff Salzman, Ross Hostetter, Nomali Perera, Doshin Nelson, and other Boulder Integral noteables. Later that evening, they attended an inspiring question and answer session with Robert Augustus Masters and Diane Bardwell Masters. The following day, they attended the official launch and book signing of the Integral Life Practice book, with authors Terry Patten, Adam Leonard, and Marco Morelli. In between meetings, presentations and book signings, they also had time to roam through the festive streets of downtown Boulder where they ran into Huy Lam (featured in The Integral Life Practice Kit), discovered photos of Ken Wilber and Robert Masters posted in a local metaphysical bookstore, and toured the quiet halls of Shambhala. For more photos and videos, go here.

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